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GTF Line

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GTF Line  Gantry type high speed milling machines

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Why FIDIA FIDIA Delivers The complete system, designed and made by FIDIA. Machine, Head, Numerical Control, software and automation from one supplier. The Customers benefit QQOne Partner in Sales and Service QQFlexibility QQModern, QQAll HMS - Head Measuring System Module Interface IO-Line Steady and Reliable design components fits together and perfectly optimized Milling Head and Fast reaction time Customized engineering on demand

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HiMonitor - Machine Monitoring System ViMill® - Anticollision

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GTF Line Modularity The upper Gantry GTF line is characterized by great versatility. Thanks to its modular structure, and taking advantage of a combination of components conveniently selected according to weight, stiffness and cost requirements, the GTF range becomes an ideal solution to fulfill all Customers’ demands. Performances The sizing of its structures in accordance with the thermo-symmetry concept, perfectly matches with the extreme dynamic linear axes. Rack & pinions driven by double motors and variable preload grant for total absence of backlash. Continuous and indexed bi-rotary...

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Applications General Machining Thanks to the modular design it is now possible to utilize FIDIA technology to produce large size mechanical components. A typical example is the wind-turbine power generator, from the blade forming mold to the gear and its casing. Energy as well as Naval or Rail industries sometimes require very accurate machining cases, which can only be accomplished by specifically designed machines. The M5H head version offers the most advantageous solution in terms of stock removal rate combined with high quality and precision. The addition of tables and accessories for...

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X Strokes Y Strokes Z Strokes Axis speed Load capacity Milling heads Made of stiff epoxy concrete columns to allow the best vibration dampening effect, these versions of GTF family have the greatest level of modularity, thanks also to the automatic heads changing system. Starting from the smallest 2+2 columns configuration, the same design can be extended to any X axis length just by adding columns. The GTF/R 600 x 600 mm ram allows wide range of heads to choose from: M5S, M5S2, M5D, M5E with Z strokes from 1000 up to 2500 mm ■ M5H with strokes up to 2000 mm The axes kinematic chains may...

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X Strokes Y Strokes Z Strokes Axis speed Load capacity Milling heads The modular version Q is based upon compact columns and cross beam. The epoxy concrete structure of columns preserves geometry and accuracy from thermal effects. The innovative design of cross beam makes it suitable for all versions of M5A, M5S and M5S2. It's equipped with ram up to 1800 mm stroke. Standard 30 m/min (optional: X,Y 60 m/min - Z: 40 m/min) 4000 Kg/m2 (819 Ibs/sqft)

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M5S2 milling head Mold finishing

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X Strokes Y Strokes Z Strokes Axis speed Load capacity Milling heads The "monolithic" version M, with its self-supporting cast iron structure, has the right amount of compactness of all small/medium size upper gantry applications. No specific foundations are required. It employs the same cross beam design as the Q version, with a significant advantage in the strokes/footprint ratio. The innovative design of cross beam makes it suitable for all versions of M5A, M5S and M5S2. Standard 30 m/min (optional X, Y: 60 m/min - Z: 40 m/mim) 4000 Kg/m2 (819 Ibs/sqft) M5A, M5S, M5S2

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Machining of a mold for automotive industry

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X Strokes Y Strokes Z Strokes Axis speed Load capacity Milling Head The lightest version of GTF family is particularily suitable for complex aluminum or composite parts and 1:1 automotive styling models. Thanks to the specific M5C head, the machine allows for high dynamic 5 axis interpolation and accurate results. Structures are made of welded steel and concrete walls to match a wide Z clearance requirement. 6000 - 7500 - 12000 - 18000 mm (236” - 709”) X, Y: 60 m/min - Z: 40 m/min 4000 Kg/m2 (819 Ibs/sqft) M5C Y2G A double cross beam version called Y2G further enhances the modular concept...

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Machining of a resin model

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Bi-rotary head M5E The rapid system change of heads and spindles widely extends GTF effectiveness in the automotive, aerospace and general machining heavy duty applications. The M5E head and relevant Ram solution up to 2500 mm Z stroke offers roughing capacity together with high speed on cast iron, steel and tough materials. M5E quick change cartridge system allows for the use of different kinds of electrospindles. Max. spindle speed Continuous max. power Toolholder

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Head magazine and tool changer Electrospindle magazine GTF Line

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Head M5D Bi-rotary head M5D M5D offers an high volume of chip removal on aluminum, providing an efficiency to the manufacturing of large aircraft structural parts. A dedicated kinematic chain has been designed by FIDIA to perform high acceleration on A and C axes. The spindle matches high power with high speed to highlight the rotative axes performance. M5D - Bi-rotary fork type 360 Max. spindle speed Continuous max. power Toolholder Machine models

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Head M5H Bi-rotary head M5H The M5H head with mechanical spindle unit develops high torque and integrates automatic accessories change to allow for access into narrow spaces. The dedicated reinforced Ram and multi guideways system allows for the increased stock removal performance. A and C axes are suitable for both continuous interpolation and indexed positioning, with strong hydraulic brakes. Direct encoders on both axes grant the highest level of accuracy. Machine models Mechanical spindle extender Mechanical right angle head

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Bi-rotary heads M5S & M5S2 The M5S features a cast iron body and symmetrical fork structure providing optimal thermal stability. The two tandem motors solution for controlling the A and C axes guarantees an absence of backlash and is maintenance-free. High torque hydraulic brakes allow the axes to be locked in any position during heavy duty machining. C axis stroke Max. spindle speed Continuous max. power Toolholder Machine models GTF/R, GTF/Q, GTF/M M5S2 - Bi-rotary fork type M5S2/87-28 M5S2/62-16 Max. spindle speed Continuous max. power Toolholder Machine models GTF/R, GTF/Q, GTF/M

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