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WHY FibreFENCE FibreFENCE world FibreFENCE is the range of fences and gates for the airport sector designed and manufactured by FIBRE NET Spa that, thanks to the distinctive radio-transparence and frangibility of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), unlike traditional materials, guarantees the absence of interference with ILS and Radar devices and limits damage in the event of aircraft impact, greatly improving flight safety. More than 100 airports worldwide have chosen FibreFENCE systems, both civil and military, granting the highest standards of frangibility and radio transparency in the...

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WHY FibreFENCE? ICAO COMPLIANT FRP FENCES FOR SENSITIVE AREAS ICAO international standards set radio transparency as mandatory, because of the critical role played by the high number of radio-transmitting devices used by landing aid systems (ILS, MLS, GLS, TLS, NDB, VOR, DME) and radars in the surrounding premise. Those standards also impose precise frangibility features to any structures near the runways, to minimize damages in case of impact with an aircraft. Last issue concerning airfield protection involves the raising of protection level needs through anti-intrusion fences. FibreFENCE...

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Flexible mesh fence, light but sturdy, to be assembled on site FRP mesh ■ FRP pultruded profiles ■ Steel, plastic or FRP accessories ■ Pre-assembled panels fence, ready to be installed on site FRP pultruded profiles ■ Steel, plastic or FRP accessories ■ Monolithic grating fence, unparalleled resistance-to-weight ratio FRP grating ■ FRP pultruded profiles ■ Steel, plastic or FRP accessories ■ Radio-transparent & frangible gates and crash gates FRP mesh ■ FRP pultruded profiles ■ Steel, plastic or FRP accessories ■ FENCING SYSTEMS Transparent security Taking advantage of its deep experience...

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REFERENCES From America to Asia, the airport fences speak the language of our long-standing experience. More than 100 airports in the world, from America to Asia, have chosen our systems, well known for granting the highest standards of frangibility and radio transparency. Our experience in the development of composite materials solutions has been required for the sensitive areas of both civil and military airports, such as YCC Calgary and Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong, to name but a few and, among the military ones, some of the prestigious airbases of RAF, the Royal Airforce Army in Great...

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Civil Airport Military airport Hong Kong International Airport - China Tontouta International Airport - New Caledonia Rangiroa Airport - French Polynesia Huahine - Fare Airport - French Polynesia Faa’a International Airport - French Polynesia Reus Airport - Spain Sandspit Island Airport - Canada Son Bonet Heliport - Spain YYC Calgary International Airport - Canada Tenerife North Airport - Spain Ministro Pistarini International Airport - Argentina Kazan International Airport - Russia Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport - Slovenia Irkutsk Airport - Russia Sarajevo International Airport - Bosnia...

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WHAT MAKES OUR SYSTEMS DIFFERENT FibreFENCE fencing systems are available in several models designed to satisfy different needs. They are all suitable to serve as external perimeter fence or internal facilities enclosure. On top, they all meet ICAO safety and frangibility prescriptions (ref. Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 6, Frangibility, 1st Edition 2006) and Aerodrome Design/Operations, Volume I, 4th Edition July 2004 airport infrastructures recommendations. Thanks to inherent great durability of the material, maintenance is likely reduced to zero, with great economic benefits in the long...

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ENGINEERING AND DESIGN SUPPORT Our technical department works together with technicians, engineers, and operation officer to design the most suitable and cost-effective solutions complying with international and local regulations. We supply all documentation, operational tools, certifications, and installation support. Our engineering team provides project consultancy services and support to professionals for the sizing and design of fencing systems, according to different needs, conditions and international regulations. Our team can also provide wind load and jet blast verifications, to...

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FibreFENCE MESH fences are built directly on site by assembling FRP mesh, profiles, and wind-bracings. This design makes FibreFENCE MESH one of the most efficient, durable and cost-effective solution among all radio-transparent certified fencing systems available on the market. The installation is very fast and easy, all components are extremely lightweight, and they don’t need special lifting devices or cranes on site, reducing consistently overall installation costs compared to any other solution. Mesh wide apertures ensure great visibility to improve active and passive security, while...

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To increase security level, vertical rods can be accessorized with special arms to support plastic, barbed or concertina wires. Furthermore, they are compatible with most common intrusion detection and monitoring/control systems. Design, engineering and manufacturing are tailored according to customer’s specifications and needs. Besides ICAO compliances, FibreFENCE MESH meets also “Sheet 7 – Types and Requirements of Airport Fences” specifications and has been approved by the Inter-ministerial Committee for Security of the Italian Ministry of Transports. Thanks to all these benefits and...

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FibreFENCE RAILING fences, made by FRP pultruded profiles assembled to create self-standing, modular panels, are the best solution to combine high mechanical resistance and efficient protection with radio-transparency and frangibility requirements in compliance with ICAO prescriptions. The extremely sturdy structure and the designed clear span ratio, make these fences perfectly suitable to protect areas subject to jet-blast. Upon request, FibreFENCE RAILING fences can be improved with tiny GFRP mesh to control small wildlife or debris intrusion. FibreFENCE RAILING fences are available in...

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