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Linear Actuators Technical Information

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Linear actuators L series - 2

Linear Actuators Technical information The basic different between ball and lead screws is the rolling movement of the ball screw nut, which eliminates the sliding friction typical for lead screws, resulting in a very high efficiency. General information The FAULHABER Linear Actuator L series are designed to provide high performances in compact dimensions, these actuators can support large input speed, high output force and are suited for a wide range of applications like robotics, industrial machines and laboratory equipment. There are applications where lead screws can match better your...

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Linear actuators L series - 3

Linear Actuators Technical information Note that most options are modifying the basic product so that characteristics will differ from the performance of the standard version. This latest aspect should be considered when selecting an option and eventual questions should be addressed to your local sales representative. Linear Actuators Gearhead with integrated Ball Screw Series 22L ... SB Values at 22°C Number of gear stages Reduction ratio 1) (rounded) Notes on technical datasheet Unspecified tolerances mm/s 120 100…45,4 Continuous output speed, max. 2) If not specified, speed, max.2) in...

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Linear actuators L series - 4

Linear Actuators Technical information Peak output speed, max vp max [mm/s] Designates the maximum permissible peak linear speed. This results from the product of the maximum permissible rotational peak speed and the screw lead. Output Power max. Pout max [N] Designates the maximum recommended output power during operation. This level should not be exceeded in any operation phase to obtain optimum life performance. Efficiency of gearhead/coupler, max. ηg max [%] The maximum efficiency refers to the continuous operation mode. Such value varies depending on the number of stages and could also...

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Linear actuators L series - 5

Linear Actuators Technical information Mass [g] The average mass of the linear actuator including standard length screw. Radial load, max. (15 mm from flange) [N] The maximum screw load represents the maximum dynamic load (when the screw is rotating) that can be applied radially at a particular distance from the output flange and that the ball bearing system can support without impacting the service life. In case the radial load would be applied at another distance this value should be extrapolated appropriately. Screw type I Diameter (Ø) [mm] Nominal diameter used for designation. I Lead p...

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Linear actuators L series - 6

Linear Actuators Technical information Critical Speed [mm/s] The critical speed is reached when the rotational frequency of the screw equals its first natural frequency, thus causing resonant vibrations. Buckling Force [N] When subject to an axial compressive force, the screw can permanently deform and eventually break (buckling). The maximal compressive force depends on the screw geometry and support method according to the formula below. The critical speed depends on screw geometry and support method according to the formula below, a safety factor is also considered to take into account...

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Linear actuators L series - 7

Linear Actuators Technical information In case the hub length is different from standard, the actual vcr can be obtained using the following formula: How to select a linear actuator Our online Faulhaber Drive Selection helps you find the right solution according to your specific application and needs. This section provides a basic procedure of how to select a linear actuator for an application under constant ambient conditions. In our example considering the 22L SB xx:1 6x2 150, supported (fixed – single): Application Data: Screw Type Hub Length Screw Supported Max. Diameter Max. Drive...

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Linear actuators L series - 8

Linear Actuators Technical information 3. Axial Force Next step is to check if the remaining linear actuator configurations can support the required forces. In our example considering the cycle input data: 3 a) Buckling force above required max force. In the datasheet diagram check the actual screw buckling force (Fb_std) according to the screw support system (fixed – free or fixed – single). In case the hub length is different from standard calculate the actual Fb according to the formula: In our example the requirement is satisfied for all ratios. Note that it is possible to operate the...

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Linear actuators L series - 9

Linear Actuators Technical information The results can also be compared with the suggestions from our online Faulhaber Drive Selection Tool. Input Data calculation: Rotational Speed and Torque To proceed for each of the available solution the input rotational speed and torque have to be calculated, according to the following formulas: Our sales engineers can also help you to confirm your selection or to find the right solution for your application taking into account also particular requirements such as special ambient conditions, mechanical constraints, etc. Fj · p · 100 100 Min_ j =...

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Linear actuators L series - 10

Linear Actuators Basic design 1 Motor Flange Coupler Housing Planetary gear train Radial ball bearings Axial ball bearings Front Flange Screw interface Ball Screw (incl. nut) Lead Screw (incl. nut) Motor Flange Coupler Housing Planetary gear train Output shaft Ball bearings Front Flange Standard Lead Screw (incl. nut)

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Linear actuators L series - 12

More information All rights reserved, including translation rights. No part of this description may be duplicated, reproduced, stored in an information system or processed or transferred in any other form without prior express written permission of Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG. This document has been prepared with care. Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG cannot accept any liability for any errors in this document or for the consequences of such errors. Equally, no liability can be...

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