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FAULHABERDC-Micromotors Precious Metal Commutation Rated values are calculated with nominal voltage and at a 22°C ambient temperature. The Rh2 value has been reduced by 0%. Note: The diagram indicates the recommended speed in relation to the available torque at the output shaft for a given ambient temperature of 22°C. The diagram shows the motor in a completely insulated as well as thermally coupled condition (Rth2 50% reduced). The nominal voltage (Un) curve shows the operating point at nominal voltage in the insulated and thermally coupled condition. Any points of operation above the curve at nominal voltage will require a higher operating voltage. Any points below the nominal voltage curve will require less voltage. For notes on technical data and lifetime performance © DR. FRITZ FAULHABER GMBH & CO. KG refer to "Technical Information". Specifications subject to change without notice.

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Dimensional drawing Options Example product designation: 1219N012G-K179 Option K179 K188 K380 K440 Bearing lubrication Temperature range Second shaft end Bearing For vacuum of 10-5 Pa @ 22°C Extended temperature range (-30…+125°C) Ø 1 mm x 3 mm Front ball bearing Product combination Precision Gearheads / Lead Screws Encoders Drive Electronics Cables / Accessories To view our large range of accessory parts, please refer to the “Accessories” chapter. For notes on technical data and lifetime performance refer to “Technical Information”. Edition 2019 © DR. FRITZ FAULHABER GMBH & CO. KG...

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