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Two-seat Aerobatic Competitor Paint Scheme Copyright © 2014 Mirco Pecorari. All rights reserved. The paint schemes, and color schemes are the copyrighted works of Mirco Pecorari. Reproduction, distribution, performance, public display and derivative works, in whole or in part, without the permission of the copyright owner are prohibited.

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AEROBATIC PLANES Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A, 315 hp, 6 cylinder engine Two fuel pumps (1 engine-driven, 1 electric) Single oil cooler system Electric starter - 60 Amp lightweight alternator - 12V battery Teflon lightweight hoses with integrated firesleeve Smoke system, with automatic filling system Trickle charger socket Two-seat Aerobatic Competitor Manually adj. rear rudder pedals with diff. toebrakes Forward rudder pedals with differential toebrakes Adjustable composite rear seat, contour molded Front and rear Hooker safety harness with ratchet Fixed composite front seat, contour molded 2...

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