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Two-seat Advanced Aerobatic Trainer Paint Scheme Copyright © 2013 Mirco Pecorari. All rights reserved. The paint schemes, and color schemes are the copyrighted works of Mirco Pecorari. Reproduction, distribution, performance, public display and derivative works, in whole or in part, without the permission of the copyright owner are prohibited.

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www.extraaircraft.com POWERPLANT AND PROPELLER COCKPIT LAYOUT EXTRA AIRCRAFT products offer superior aerobatic performance and unmatched quality. The EXTRA 200 is a two-seat, tandem arrangement, low wing aerobatic monoplane with conventional (taildragger) landing gear, offering advanced aerobatic performance at affordable cost. AIRFRAME Ÿ carbon / glass hybrid composite empennage structure Ÿ carbon fiber wing assembly with integral tank Ÿ steerable, lightweight tailwheel Ÿ fuselage assembly, 4130 steel Ÿ fiberglass landing gear spring Ÿ two-seat bubble canopy Ÿ Lycoming AEIO-360-A1E, 200...

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