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Vanta Handheld XRF Accessories The Vanta™ analyzer is our most advanced handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) device and provides rapid, accurate element analysis to customers who demand laboratory-quality results in the field. Olympus offers a suite of accessories that help you maximize the efficiency of your Vanta analyzer in a range of applications. Geochemistry Applications Vanta Soil Foot Vanta Field Stand The Vanta Soil Foot provides a stable three-point support for the Vanta analyzer. This accessory facilitates hands-free analysis, making it convenient when longer test times are required. When testing small items, like samples in cups or bags, the Vanta Field Stand offers a lightweight, mobile test stand and shielded sample chamber. The Field Stand is easy to pack and convenient to use when you are away from your office. Geochemistry and RoHS Applications Vanta Work Station The portable Work Station has a fully interlocked lid and 360-degree shielding, making it convenient for bagged, prepped, and liquid samples or small objects, like jewelry and circuit boards. In this closed-beam setup, users operate the analyzer using Vanta PC software.

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Alloy Applications Keep your Vanta analyzer within easy reach safely and securely with the Vanta Holster. The Holster has a strap with a fastener to secure the instrument, MOLLE/PALS webbing for additional attachment options, and brass shielding. For testing high-temperature piping or equipment up to 900 °F (480 °C), the Hot Heel minimizes heat transfer to the Vanta analyzer while reducing surface contamination. The Hot Heel kit includes high-temperature measurement windows. Vanta Probe Shield Vanta Weld Mask The Probe Shield provides additional shielding from backscattered radiation from...

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