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TomoView Designed for Power and Flexibility - 1

Your Vision, Our Future Design, Acquisition, and Analysis Software • Powerful data acquisition • Advanced data analysis • Fully customizable display • Easy and comprehensive reporting • Flexible integration

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TomoView Designed for Power and Flexibility - 2

Flexible Phased Array Configurations TomoView™ is PC-based software used for design, data acquisition, and visualization of ultrasonic signals. Ultrasonic parameter configuration is flexible, displaying different types of views. This ensures it can be used in a large variety of applications, from industrial to research. TomoView is designed to perform ultrasonic testing (UT) data acquisition with several Olympus phased array (PA) or Conventional UT units, giving you the flexibility to choose the configuration for your application. Supported Acquisition Units • TomoScan FOCUS LT™ • TomoScan...

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TomoView Designed for Power and Flexibility - 3

Acquisition Software Advanced Display Configuration Tools Flexible Setup Optimization Tools Fully Configurable Views and Readings Firing Sequencer Tool Ghost echoes due to high PRF TomoView offers complete flexibility when building layouts, with fully configurable view displays and readings. Each set of views maintains its own content configuration, which can easily be transferred to other views, and then saved to layout sets that remain accessible through the TomoView manager. Create your Own Readings Interleaving eliminates ghost echoes. In applications where focal configurations are...

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TomoView Designed for Power and Flexibility - 4

State-of-the-Art Analysis Too Overview Data File Merge In addition to being powerful design and acquisition software, TomoView also includes the most advanced analysis tools from Olympus NDT, allowing in-depth comprehension of the acquired data. This makes TomoView the ideal companion for analysis and reporting. TomoView’s data file merging feature allows multiple data files to be combined into a single file, and then analyzed simultaneously, making the analysis process much more efficient. Whether you want to perform simple flaw sizing and reporting, or to go deeper in your analysis,...

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TomoView Designed for Power and Flexibility - 5

Binarizer Tool The Matrix Filters tool can be used to reduce noise on C-scan data by processing data points using the surrounding points. The Matrix Filters are particularly useful when analyzing noisy composite parts, therefore allowing clearer data representation for analysis of data files with high noise levels. The Binarizer tool can be used to perform simple pass or fail analysis on data files by converting acquisition data to a color driven “Good/No good” display. This tool is particularly useful in situations where visual analysis of the acquired data is required in the inspection...

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TomoView Designed for Power and Flexibility - 6

Flexible Integration Software Overview NDT Data Access Library (DATALIB) TomoView was designed to be a flexible tool meeting your expectations for many applications. In order to be the best suited tool in a world where requirements vary greatly and evolve rapidly, the NDT Remote Control and NDT Data Access Libraries were created in order to give you the power to make TomoView the perfect companion for your application. Both libraries are based on a COM interface, which allows you to perform related functions using different software environments (Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual...

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TomoView Designed for Power and Flexibility - 7

NDT Remote Control Library (RCLIB) The NDT Remote Control Library is a software development kit, which allows you to develop a special user interface for automated inspections using Olympus NDT instruments (phased array or conventional UT). From an external computer, the library can be used to directly control the TomoView™ software, offering a wide range of possibilities in both inspection and analysis modes. Build your Own Program to Control TomoView Embed TomoView in Your Own Program Retrieve Live Data Directly from TomoView Using the NDT Remote Control Library, you can create a custom...

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TomoView Designed for Power and Flexibility - 8

TomoView Feature Matrix Feature Versions TomoView is available in three different versions: • TomoView Inspection (analysis and inspection) • TomoView Analysis • TomoView LITE Weld and Aero (analysis) Minimum Computer Requirements Operating system Microsoft Windows XP Pro with SP3 Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows 7 Processor Pentium IV Display and video 1280 x 1024 resolution or higher. card 16-bit color capable with DirectX support Ordering Information Part Number Item Number including Advanced Calculator TV-SIMU U8149008 Tomoview software Acoustic Field Simulation...

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