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OmniScan Solution OLYMPUS —Weld Inspection Your Vision, Our Future • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio • More powerful pulsers • Easy TOFD-specific setup wizard • Crisper B-scan imaging • Optimized lateral wave straightening • PCS calibration

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Next Generation OmniScan TOFD Performance The Olympus OmniScan® MX2 with the UT2 module and the OmniScan® SX are powerful yet affordable solutions for TOFD inspection. Representing the latest developments in software and hardware, the OmniScan SX and the UT2 module for the OmniScan MX2 are designed to make weld inspection using the TOFD technique fast and easy. Numerous performance enhancements and a leading-class signal-to-noise ratio provide you with optimum data quality for TOFD inspection. Key Improvements • Specific setup wizard for TOFD inspection. • New probe center separation (PCS)...

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The approach of the stainless steel wedge (on the left) is 3 mm shorter than the Rexolite wedge for better weld coverage HST-Lite TOFD Scanner The HST-Lite scanner is an ideal tool for performing cost-effective, one-channel TOFD inspection with consistent and reliable data quality. The combination of magnetic wheels and spring-loaded probe holders offer the stability required to perform high-quality, one-line inspections. The scanner can be operated with one hand, and it maintains a firm hold on ferromagnetic surfaces even when held upside-down. Stainless Steel TOFD Wedges Olympus offers an...

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Specifications PULSER RECEIVER Voltage 95 V, 175 V, and 340 V Gain 0 dB to 120 dB maximum input signal Pulse Width Adjustable from 30 ns to 1,000 ns; resolution 34.5 Vp-p (full-screen height) of 2.5 ns Input Impedance 64 Q in pulse-echo mode Pulse Shape Negative square wave 51 Q in pulse-receive mode Output Impedance <30 Q System Bandwidth 0.26 MHz to 27 MHz (-3 dB) OLYMPUS SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS AMERICAS CORP. 48 Woerd Avenue, Waltham, MA 02453, USA, Tel.: (1) 781-419-3900 12569 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77034, USA, Tel.: (1) 281-922-9300 OLYMPUS NDT CANADA...

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