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Your Vision, Our Future OEM Microscope Components SWTLU-C Tube Lens Unit

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As the chip size of microscope cameras increases, so does the demand for optics that provide a super wide field of view. Olympus’ SWTLU-C compact, super-wide tube lens and super-wide UIS2 objectives meet that demand with homogenous, flat images with negligible aberration across a field of view up to 26.5 mm. Compact and lightweight, the SWTLU-C tube lens is easy to integrate into your optical system. Specification Information available on the Olympus website

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Higher-Quality, Super-Wide Images Excellent aberration correction When used with UIS2 objectives, the SWTLU-C tube lens provides advanced image quality with less spherical and chromatic aberration. Super-wide 26.5 mm field of view The tube lens enables more data to be collected in each image while providing flat, uniform image quality in a 26.5 mm field of view. Customize your optics with Olympus components Insert other optical components between the UIS2 objectives and the tube lens while maintaining undistorted images. A common tube lens (22 mm) compared to the SWTLU-C (26.5 mm) Diagonal...

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Universal attachment Mount the tube lens unit (SWTLU-C) using a standard M41 x 0.5 thread. f180 tube lens With 180 mm focal length, the tube lens unit is designed to pair with UIS2 objectives. Compact The SWTLU-C is much smaller than other tube lenses, enabling flexible instrumentation integration. Main Dimensions [mm] Product Name SWTLU-C Focal Plane Position 151.3 mm from the reference plane Mounting Method Screw In '1) In combinations with FN26.5 Objectives '2) In combination with UIS2 Objectives (designed for f180 mm tube lens) www.olympus-lifescience.com/oem-component/...

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