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Your Vision, Our Future Industrial Endoscopes • Videoscopes • Fiberscopes • Rigid Borescopes • Miniborescopes • Light sources • Accessories

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Application examples ■ Aerospace Airframe examinations, inspection of turbine blades and combustion chambers, and research, development and production of rocket engines. ■Power Generation Maintenance of heat exchanger pipes, condensers, piping and turbines in nuclear/ thermal power generation plants, and gearboxes of wind power generation facilities. ■Oil/Gas/Chemical Plants Routine and urgent inspection of process piping, pressured storage reservoirs, heat exchangers, boilers, etc. ■ Automotive Quality control examination of engines, hydraulic components, injection nozzles, as well as...

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A Variety of Lineup to Suit Your Specific Requirements Industrial Videoscopes Compact endoscope systems with exceptional functionality, simple operation, and proven durability. Structural Drawing IPLEX NX/ IPLEX RX/ IPLEX RT/ IPLEX YS/ IPLEX TX Industrial endoscopes feature a high-resolution image sensor positioned at the objective end, and matched to our precision lenses to deliver bright, colour-rich images. Advanced LED or laser diode illuminations provide optimum brightness to the inspection area. The compact and lightweight videoscopes achieve high quality inspections at any site,...

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Flagship of Industrial Videoscopes Features Multi position design for various usage environments • Touch screen allows for quick operation Super wide field stereo measurement * Even if the measurement is performed from two times further away, IPLEX NX is as precise as a conventional model. According to OLYMPUS internal survey. ** When using a 6.0 mm scope with direct-viewing stereo optical adaptor, the diagonal length of the inspection area of IPLEX NX is almost 4times of the conventional model. IPLEX NX Specifications Scope Unit Model No. URL:...

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Standard Unit for Comfortable Operation IPLEX RX/RT Small and light-weight design for comfortable operation at the site. Features Compact and portable design Comfortable operation with shoulder strap InHelp inspection assist software 817 Back Lake St Nanhatk, GF Ganletf 85755-4 Compressor Area: HPC STG4 TE 検査結果: Rejected cracks ブレー ドのエ ジ部分に欠損あ 異物による ー ッ り。 ダメ ジの可能性大。 . 許容レベルギ ギ リ リのよ な ステレオ計測で欠損部の大き を確認する と う ら、 さ こ を推奨。 . 検査結果: Rejected Chipping 計測結果 基本線長さ コ ン ブレー メ ト: ドのエ ジ部分に欠損あ 異物による ー ッ り。 ダメ ジの可能性大。 総評: い つかの検査箇所において部品交換を要するダメ ジが見受け く ー られます。 オーバーホール検査でよ り詳細の検査を実施する と こ をお勧め ます。 し...

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Remote Visual Inspections - 6

Multi-function Unit in Compact Body IPLEX UltraLite Specifications Scope Unit 04.0^ 6.0 L=2,000' 3,500 mm Features # Multi-function should be Palm-sized design. # Stereo measurement available (stereo tip adaptor required). # Operable in harsh environment. Main Unit Dimensions Ultra-thin Videoscope IPLEX TX 02.4 L=1,200 mm Features # The ultra-thin 2.4 mm diameter videoscope with articulation. # Operable in harsh environment. # Detachable scope unit. # Bright and clear images using unique WiDER image processing. Scope Unit Optional product Protective braid Special product for IPLEX TX Covers...

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Remote Visual Inspections - 7

Pneumatic Pressure Anguration Control in 30m Working Length IPLEX YS 08.5 L=30,000 mm Scope unit Revealing a location of target with gravity sensor # Air jet blows away dust on the scope tip # Air pressure articulation function Display gravity direction (Blue color: up side) URL: IPLEX Long Scopes Main Specifications IPLEX NX, RX,RT Long Scopes 06.0 L=5,000 to 10,000 mm Features # Maximum 10m scope in portable body. # Available remote control articulation. # All weather resistance with rugged body. # Stereo measurement available. (stereo...

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Remote Visual Inspections - 8

Smarter Insights Entry-level Scope Series C Specifications Main unit Features Insertion tube • Touch screen operation • Flexible spring neck insertion tube • Protection hood Features # For turbine engine inspection. # Retrieval tools available. # Stereo measurement available. # Wider image function. Snare Alligator Basket Grasper Magnet- iplex fx For more information: Please see individual product brochure.

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* Operable when exposed to machine oil, light oil or 5 % saline solution.

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Traditional General Scopes (Industrial Fiberscopes) IF Series00.64—11.3 L=490 to 3,000 mm Features 0 Minimum 00.64 mm diameter scope. 0 Available image recording with digital camera or CCD video camera. # Interchangeable optical adaptors are available over 5.0 mm scopes. Operating Environment Optical Adaptor Specifications Scope

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Features and Functions Product code Features and Functions Product code Major Engine Range Specifications The Olympus borescopes are officially approved for the inspections of various military, commercial aero and power generating engines, including the following models.Standard Rigid BorescopesFeatures and Functions Product code * Light guide is fixed.

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Ultra Thin Scopes MK modular Mini-scopes 01.2—2.7 L=96,186 mm Features 0 Less than 02.7 mm diameter. # Interchangeable scope unit. # Versatile lineup of viewing directions. # Still/ movie camera adaptable. MK Modular Mini-scopes Product code Brightness Control Box for ILD-2/ ILD-3 ILD-C Not available in China, South Korea and (CA and OR in USA) Rechargeable battery driven brightness controller, ILD-C Specification

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Remote Visual Inspections - 13

Rigid Sleeve For Industrial Fiberscopes/ Industrial Rigid Borescopes I MAJ-1737 (For 4.0 mm dia. insertion tube) I MAJ-1281 (For 4.4 mm dia. insertion tube) I MAJ-1253 (For 6.0/6.2 mm dia. insertion tube) C-mount Adaptors For connection of TV cameras to Fiberscopes and Rigid Borescopes. Rigid sleeve makes flexible insertion tube to semi-rigid operation. High Temperature Guide Tube (Built to order) ■ MAJ-1867 (For 4.0 mm dia. insertion tube) The high temperature guide tube is able to operate in up to 250 Celsius degree environment. (Requires cool down air supply) Flex and Stay * Enable the...

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System Charts Videoscopes IPLEX NX LCD holding adaptor (Made by Manfrotto) Microphone SD/SDHC card S-VIDEO cable Stereo jig External monitor Stereo measurement scope unit Rigid sleeve Scope unit Carrying case Shoulder strap Insertion tube band Remote control unit Internal battery IPLEX RX/ IPLEX RT AC adaptor Internal battery Battery charger External monitor Rigid sleeve Guide tube (For 5.0/ 7.5m length insertion tube) IPLEX UltraLite AC adaptor SD/SDHC card Tripod adaptor Internal battery Battery charger Rigid sleeve Battery charger

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