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Using Portable XRD (pXRD) to Analyze Explosives, Forensics, and Narcotics Olympus X-ray diffractometers aid law enforcement agencies by providing qualitative and quantitative phase analysis on a range of substances, including narcotics and explosives/ hazardous materials as well as materials analyzed by forensics and customs officials. The unique sample handling system enables our instruments to be easily transported between sites, while eliminating the need for complicated sample preparation procedures. Flexible sample loading options Since different applications have different sample handling requirements, our pXRD analyzers are flexible and minimize the work of sample preparation and loading procedures. The vibrating sample holder makes loading samples easy. It is recommended for non-energetic material that is, or can be powdered to < 150 μm. The sample spinner is recommended when a sample cannot be powdered (e.g. explosive material), is < 10 mg, is a liquid, or is moist (Figure 1). The sample spinner cells are easy to assemble and can be stored away for analysis at a later date. Figure 1A. Olympus spinner cells can be easily assembled and labeled for archiving. (B) Loading samples within the sample spinner. Benefits of Olympus pXRD • Small sample size: requires only ≤ 15 mg of material • Easy sample preparation: does not require a skilled technician • Fast acquisition time: obtain results in few minutes • Portable: battery-operated, rugged design with no moving parts • Stand-alone instrument: no need for water cooling or a large, external power source • No ongoing servicing requirements: XRD can be performed regularly with minimal downtime • Qualitative XRF: measured simultaneously du

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One instrument, many applications Explosives Olympus pXRD instruments: Use Olympus pXRD instruments to: • Provide rapid identification of explosives and precursor material • Identify and quantify impure and diluted explosives and precursor material • Analyze organic and inorganic crystalline material, irrespective of reflectance or bonding-types • Do not require a heat source to analyze the sample • Can safely analyze energetic samples using the sample spinner (Figure 1B) • Nondestructively analyze a large range of materials (e.g. soil, paint) • Analyze samples ≤ 15 mg onsite without...

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