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Your Vision, Our Future Image Analysis Software

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OLYMPUS Stream Image Analysis Software: Simplify Your Inspection Workflow Image Capture Fast, Efficient Inspection Workflows For inspection experts, technicians, and lab managers, OLYMPUS Stream software offers intelligent step-by-step workflows to acquire sharp, crisp images that are ready for quantitative measurements and professional reporting based on the latest standards. Users of any experience level can conduct complex image analysis tasks, from image acquisition to standard reporting, under any imaging condition. Designed for flexibility, OLYMPUS Stream software has a broad scope of...

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Intuitive Solutions for Manufacturing Quality Control and Materials Research Step-By-Step Guidance An easy-to-use interface guides you through every step of the inspection process from image acquisition, to measurement and analysis, to reporting and archiving. As a result, you can finish even complex tasks more efficiently. Designed for Olympus Hardware The software works seamlessly microscopes and digital cameras. Optimized for the Industrial Lab With specific application modules, OLYMPUS Stream software provides a unique workflow to produce consistent measurements and results that comply...

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Step-By-Step Guidance Smart Technologies OLYMPUS Stream software’s dynamic user interface reduces desktop clutter and confusion by only displaying the tools and functions you want to use. The interface guides you through every step of the process, including image capture, image processing, and report creation. Both simple and complex measurements can be easily conducted using the software’s intuitive set of tools. I need to know the status of hardware components. I have to quickly inspect a live image. I need to capture an image with HDR. I need a larger field of view. I need software...

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Tools for Live Images OLYMPUS Stream software supports live image functions for instant feedback and response to complex problems. Real-time image processing increases productivity and reduces analysis time. The software enables users to interact with the live image, which is automatically calibrated, and perform quantitative measurements. Estimating pore size using live digital reticles (Cross section of die casting) Quick Panoramic Images and Extended Depth of Focus Quickly create images of samples that extend beyond the standard depth of focus or the field of view. The instant Extended...

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Save Time I need ideal exposure time. I want to create and edit a report quickly. I can’t remember the order of functions. I’d like to take images of large areas repeatedly and efficiently. I need to update my report with a new image and measurement. I need quantitative information from my sample. Guided Operation for Dedicated Purpose Analysis It can be difficult to remember the correct order of functions when performing image analysis. OLYMPUS Stream software offers intuitive tools to perform complex image analysis tasks in compliance with most common international standards. This reduces...

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Recall Acquisition Setting The recall acquisition setting enables users to quickly recall previously used camera settings to capture repeatable images with a consistent look and feel. When using a motorized microscope, this function can automatically recall previous hardware settings. The software also guides the user to manually recall settings when using BX, GX, and MX series microscopes and stereo microscopes. Quantitative Information That Matters OLYMPUS Stream software features a large set of tools that provide quantitative information about your sample. Interactive measurements on...

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Designed for Olympus Hardware A Modular Approach to Build Your System OLYMPUS Stream software is a powerful and user-friendly tool for making measurements because it was developed for Olympus microscopes with the assistance of experienced microscope users. There’s no need to manually record the optical parameters of Olympus UIS2 objectives when used with a conventional microscope. Furthermore, magnification calibration is not required when importing Olympus DSX and LEXT images into the software. OLYMPUS Stream software is available in a variety of packages designed to fit various needs from...

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Olympus Digital Cameras Resolution and Color Fidelity True-to-life samples are important for reproducible and highquality measurements. Excellent spatial resolution combined with a high pixel count exploit the full optical resolution of the objectives and enable small structures and details within the samples to be imaged, even with low magnification objectives. High-definition images enable users to make observations exclusively on-screen without using the eyepieces. The low-noise, high-resolution images of a 9-megapixel sensor enable the user to zoom deep into the sample, revealing its...

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Optimized for the Industrial Lab Solving Your Inspection Challenges Industrial labs often have demanding conditions and require repeatable and reproducible results as part of their standard operating procedures. OLYMPUS Stream facilitates inspection, measurement, and analysis with a simple and reliable workflow. The software offers a variety of tools for various materials science analyses, so you can be confident in your results. Olympus industrial microscopes support metallurgical analysis 3-Dimensional Measurement and Line Profiles New materials, new techniques, and the drive toward...

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Count and Measure Solution Detecting objects and measuring size distribution are among the most important applications in digital imaging. The OLYMPUS Stream Count and Measure solution uses advanced threshold methods to reliably separate objects, such as particles and scratches, from the background. More than 50 different object measurement and classification parameters are available, including shape, size, position, and pixel properties. Two classification parameters can be selected simultaneously. OLYMPUS Stream software with the Count and Measure solution can also be used to support the...

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