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Industrial Videoscope 2.4 mm Diameter Articulating Scope for Very Narrow Spaces Industrial Videoscope

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An articulating 2.4 mm diameter videoscope providing excellent image quality and durability The IPLEX TX enables you to make inspections inside parts where access is limited due to very narrow openings. Combining its clear images and outstanding durability, the IPLEX TX is the ideal videoscope for routine inspections of castings, molds, and other parts with small cavities. Excellent image The world’s smallest diameter videoscope with articulation* Ultra-thin, 2.4 mm diameter Quick and accurate articulation At just 2.4 mm diameter, the flexible insertion tube reaches inside almost any narrow...

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Ensured dust resistance The IPLEX TX is both dust and drip proof, and is designed to comply with IP55. This durable unit can perform reliable inspections even in harsh manufacturing environments. Interchangeable scope system The IPLEX TX has an insertion tube that can be easily interchanged in the field. Great advance in image quality Exceptionally bright and clear images Compared to conventional very small-diameter fiberscopes, the IPLEX TX delivers superior image quality. The videoscope's vivid and clear images increase the detection of abnormalities and improves inspection efficiency....

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SCOPE UNIT LCD Protection Sheet Protects the IPLEX TX monitor from scratches and dirt. Lithium-ion Battery NC2040NO29 Battery Charger CH5000C (USA type) CH5000X (European type) The battery provides 150 minutes of operating time. *1. The insertion tube can be inserted into a 2.4 mm hole. *2. Indicates the length of the rigid portion at the scope’s distal end. *3. Indicates the optimal focal distance. MAIN UNIT CHID www.olympus-ims.com OLYMPUS SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS AMERICAS CORP. is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. *All specifications are subject to change without notice. All...

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