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Your Vision, Our Future Digital Cameras for Microscopy For Materials Science Microscopes Digital Microscope Cameras for Material Science: Clear Images, Precise Analysis

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Passionate about Imaging: Olympus Digital Cameras Versatility, performance, precise color reproduction, and integration into Olympus imaging platforms are characteristics that all Olympus microscope cameras share. Today, digital cameras are an indispensable tool in microscopy systems. The need to reliably acquire clear, crisp images is vital to every microscopist. No one understands this better than Olympus with its long and successful history in microscopy and lens design. Utilizing our long history integrating optical and digital technologies, Olympus developed a comprehensive range of...

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Improved image quality— Left: without HDR; right: with HDR Improved resolution— Left: standard camera; right: high-resolution camera Improved color reproduction— Left: without color correction; right: with color correction Instant MIA: Easily move the stage for panoramic images EFI: Create all-in-focus images With instant multiple image alignment (MIA), you can now stitch images easily and quickly just by moving the XY knobs on the manual stage; no motorized stage is necessary. OLYMPUS Stream software uses pattern recognition to generate a panoramic image, giving users a wider field of view...

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Digital Microscope Cameras for a Range of Applications Meeting the challenges of modern microscopy requires a diverse range of sensors. Olympus offers a sophisticated portfolio of digital color cameras that cover an array of material science applications. The sensor lineup ranges from cameras for documentation purposes to cooled, high-performance, high-sensitivity cameras for advanced applications. All cameras optimized to provide splendid digital imaging performance with Olympus microscopes and image analysis software systems. DP74 — Image acquisition using standard mode (left) and LiveHDR...

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Brightfield acquisition for standard applications Infrared image acquired with the XM10-IR camera Introductory Camera Models Gray Scale Camera Models The specifications of sensors used in cost-effective camera models make them splendid for standard brightfield applications and more suitable for simple digital documentation purposes. With an splendid cost/ performance ratio, these are the most suitable entry-level cameras for digital image acquisition in microscopes. Olympus offers gray scale cameras to provide a suitable solution for difficult imaging conditions such as fluorescence...

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Olympus offers a wide range of digital cameras for acquiring high-quality images that feature splendid resolution, contrast, and color reproduction. Some models are optimized for a dedicated application, like the XC10 camera that provides a frame rate and special electronic setup to transfer images while processing them. Other cameras, like the DP74, offer flexibility to deal with different applications, materials, sizes, or shapes. OLYMPUS Stream software provides intuitive control for whatever camera you choose. Live Inspection and Movie Recording Olympus Recommends • UC90 • DP22 • DP74 •...

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OLYMPUS Stream Software Adapts to Your Needs for an Efficient Workflow The OLYMPUS Stream image analysis software enables users to seamlessly acquire, process, and measure images, and create a flexible database. OLYMPUS Stream software provides the flexibility to fit your applications and meet your needs without changing your operation. Time is just as important as working conditions, and the OLYMPUS Stream system can be personalized to fit your process flow. An easy-to-use interface guides the user from image adjustment and capture to measuring, reporting, and archiving. As a result,...

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*1 Required dual-channel for DP74. *2 Required configurations for LiveHDR in DP74. • Graphic board applicable to CUDA made by NVIDIA (compute capability 2.1 or more) • Graphic board driver applicable to CUDA 7.0 or more *3 Required 64-bit for LiveHDR, Pixel shift, and 3-CMOS functions in DP74. OLYMPUS CORPORATION is ISO14001 certified. OLYMPUS CORPORATION is ISO9001 certified. All company and product names are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of their respective owners. Images on the PC monitors are simulated. Specifications and appearances are subject to change without any notice or...

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