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CIX100 - 1

Your Vision, Our Future Technical Cleanliness Inspection System

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CIX100 - 2

Simplify Your Technical Cleanliness Standard process for cleanliness inspection: preparation (steps 1 — 3) and investigation (steps 4 — 6) The cleanliness of components and parts is at the center of the manufacturing process. Meeting high standards for counting, analyzing, and classifying the often micron-sized contaminant and foreign particles is important for all processes: development, manufacturing, production, and quality control of the final product. International and national directives describe the methods and documentation requirements for determining particle contamination on...

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CIX100 - 3

A Complete Solution to Cleanliness Process Control Reliable Seamlessly integrated hardware and software result in a durable, high-throughput system that delivers reliable and accurate data. Intuitive Dedicated, easy-to-use workflows minimize user action and provide reliable data — independent of the operator and experience level. Fast The innovative all-in-one-scan solution enables scans to be completed twice as fast as other inspection systems. Counted and sorted particles are displayed live while powerful, easyto-use tools make it easy to revise inspection data. Compliant One-click...

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CIX100 - 4

Reliable Turnkey System Solution: Automated and Accurate For High Reproducibility. The OLYMPUS CIX100 system is a turnkey solution designed to meet the needs of automated cleanliness inspection. Each component is optimized for accuracy, reproducibility, repeatability, and seamless integration for reliable data in a highthroughput system. The system is designed for excellent optical performance, reproducible observation conditions, and repeatability. At the same time, this cleanliness inspection system helps minimize human error by automating critical tasks. Reproducible Imaging Conditions...

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CIX100 - 5

Innovative Polarization Method Detects both reflective (metallic) and non-reflective particles in a single scan. Easy to Use Simple and easy-to-use software with intuitive step-by-step workflows leads users through the complete inspection process and helps minimize operator error. High Performance The powerful workstation is equipped with a touch-screen monitor for efficient operation. Optimized Reproducibility Confidence Setup Reproducibility has been optimized by eliminating moving parts from the illumination light path, maximizing automatic functionality, and creating intuitive workflows...

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CIX100 - 6

The OLYMPUS CIX100 system delivers enhanced performance and productivity through the entire inspection process and is designed to make cleanliness inspection easy for inspectors of every experience level. The software provides step-by-step guidance through the complete cleanliness inspection. Intuitive workflows improve productivity and confidence in results while reducing cycle time, cost-per-test, and handling errors. The result is a system optimized to maintain high quality standards. Management Tools The OLYMPUS CIX100 system enables administrators to control which users have access to...

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CIX100 - 7

Straight to Inspection Start scanning the membrane using the selected inspection configuration. Straight to Revision Review scanned or stored results, including validation. Straight to Report Create or print reports that comply with industry standards based on the inspection results. liness Inspector Trend Analysis Trend analysis helps to identify potential measurement deviation over the time by plotting quality control charts. Administrative Support The administrator is able to control the operating rights of individual users. The OLYMPUS CIX100 software’s large buttons are suitable for...

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CIX100 - 8

Fast Live Analytics and Review. Full Confidence in Results. All Relevant Data Displayed in One Place The OLYMPUS CIX100 system offers highperformance image acquisition and precise live analytics of both reflective and non-reflective particles ranging from 2.5 µm up to 42 mm in a single scan thanks to an innovative polarization method. This all-in-one-scan solution enables scans to be completed twice as fast as classical method (Inspector series). Counted and sorted particles are displayed live and sorted into size classes, supporting direct decision making for reprocessing and helping...

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CIX100 - 9

The overview image assists with evaluating filter coverage, particle clustering, or worst particles, so users can react quickly before the final inspection starts Sample Information Overview Inspection configurations are used to specify all parameters for sample inspection. Time Information Live Analytics Clearly view the time remaining for sample acquisition. Overview Image Contaminants are automatically analyzed and sorted into size class bins defined by the selected standard. The sample overview image is created at the beginning of the sample inspection and displays the entire filter...

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CIX100 - 10

Flexible for Evaluation and Revision The OLYMPUS CIX100 system includes powerful and easy-to-use tools to revise inspection data with a fast guided particle review. The one-click reclassification function provides users flexibility and supports international standards. Thumbnail images of every contaminant detected by the system are linked together with dimensional measurements, making it easy to review the data. Retrieving a particular contaminant’s information is simple. Through the review process, all results are updated and displayed automatically in all views and size classification...

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CIX100 - 11

Revise Inspection data The software contains powerful tools to revise the inspection data or perform height measurement. Inspect Sample Review Sample Particle location Convinced Capability Reproducibility and repeatability since particle location, thumbnails, and data are linked together. Sample information Precisely Compliant Standard Particle type: Inspection configuration: Sample results Approval reference: Contamination class Results can be recalculated to all standards with a click of a mouse. Absolute Count Extrapolated Count Normalized Count [1/Number of washed parts] Calculate and...

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