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39DL PLUS - 1

39DL PLUS™ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Fast. Field-Proven. Future-Ready.

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39DL PLUS - 2

Faster Thickness Results Streamline your ultrasonic thickness inspection process with one fast, connected, and reliable handheld gauge. The 39DL PLUS™ gauge works as a precision or corrosion thickness gauge for demanding applications. With world-class ultrasonic capability, fast scanning speeds up to a 60 Hz update rate, and fully integrated wireless connectivity, our flagship handheld gauge delivers results you can trust in a seamless workflow. › Connected: Data transfer options include integrated Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, USB, RS-232, and a removable microSD card* › Fast: Scan for minimal...

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39DL PLUS - 3

Trusted Ultrasonic Technology Developed by experts with decades of nondestructive testing (NDT) experience, the 39DL PLUS™ gauge has become an industry standard for ultrasonic thickness testing. We’ve taken care of the ultrasonics and rugged housing, so you can focus on performing thickness inspections when and where you need it. Whether you work in wet or dusty conditions, cold or hot climates, or bright or dark areas, the 39DL PLUS gauge can handle any inspection job. Built to Last in Any Environment Easy to Carry, Easy to Use Your thickness gauge needs to keep working despite shocks,...

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39DL PLUS - 4

Save Time with a Digital Inspection Workflow Integrated Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® capabilities on the 39DL PLUS™ gauge enable a seamless inspection workflow. Wirelessly connect to the Link Plus iOS app, Link-Wedge software, or the Inspection Project Manager (IPM) app to effortlessly share results. The gauge is also compatible with GageView™ software, giving you the flexibility to review data with a wired connection. Powerful Workflow Management Tools The Inspection Project Manager (IPM) is a cloud-based web and mobile app offering a digital inspection workflow that improves efficiency and data...

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39DL PLUS - 5

Confidence in Your Thickness Data Built-In Data Logger Improve productivity and data traceability with the full-featured, built-in data logger on the 39DL PLUS™ gauge. The bidirectional alphanumeric data logger is designed to easily collect and transfer thickness readings and waveform data. Log data › Internal memory of 792,832 thickness readings or 20,000 waveforms with thickness readings microSD Card › 32-character file name › 9 file formats: incremental, sequential, sequential with custom point, 2D grid, 2D grid with custom point, 3D grid, 3D custom, boiler, and manual › 20-character ID#...

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39DL PLUS - 6

Thickness Measurements on Plastics, Metals, Composites, Glass, Rubber, and Ceramics When using single element transducers with the 39DL PLUS™ gauge, you can make accurate thickness measurements on metals, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, and other materials. These transducers are available in a wide range of frequencies, diameters, and connector styles. The High Resolution software option enables you to make very precise measurements at a resolution of 0.0001 in. or 0.001 mm. › Standard resolution of 0.01 mm (0.001 in.) for all transducers › High Resolution software option can display...

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39DL PLUS - 7

Thickness Measurements on Internally Corroded Metals One common application of the 39DL PLUS™ gauge is measuring the remaining thickness of pipes, tubes, tanks, pressure vessels, hulls, and other structures affected by corrosion or erosion. Dual element transducers are commonly used for these applications. › Automatic Probe Recognition for standard D79X series dual element transducers › 10 custom dual element transducer setups › Optimized default gain during calibration for dual element transducers › V-Path Builder for custom V-path compensation › Calibration doubling warning in case echo...

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39DL PLUS - 8

Dual Element Transducers for Corrosion Gauging All standard dual element transducers feature Automatic Probe Recognition, which automatically recalls a default V-path correction for each specific transducer. Transducer Item Number Item Number Straight 90° Straight 90° Straight 90° 90° Straight * Thickness range dependent on material, transducer type, surface conditions, and temperature. Full range may require Gain adjustment. ** Maximum temperature with intermittent contact only. Stainless steel cable available; consult Evident for details. Not certified to EN15317; The MTD705 is issued a...

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39DL PLUS - 9

Additional Products Couplants Calibration Test Blocks Transducer Cables Liquid couplant is almost always necessary to provide acoustic coupling between the transducer and the test piece. We offer various types of couplants to suit virtually all applications. Test blocks are necessary for the calibration of ultrasonic thickness gauges and are used to maintain and verify the accuracy, dependability, and reliability of ultrasonic measurements. Blocks are held to tighter tolerances than stated in the ASTM E797 code. Metric test blocks are available. A wide selection of transducer cables...

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39DL PLUS - 10

Single Element Transducers for Precision Thickness Measurements Element Diameter Item Number * These transducers can only be used with the High Penetration software option. ** Use with spring loaded holder. M106-SM Sonopen™ Transducers › Has a replaceable delay line that is tapered to a small contact area › Enables reliable thickness measurements in applications such as turbine blades and tight radii on plastic containers SONOPEN – 15 MHZ, 3 MM (0.125 IN.) TRANSDUCER Straight Handle Right Angle Handle SONOPEN – REPLACEABLE DELAY LINES Tip Diameter Item Number Item Number Item Number Item...

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39DL PLUS - 11

Delay Line Transducers Microscan™ delay line transducers provide excellent performance on very thin materials, at elevated temperatures, or with applications that require a high degree of thickness resolution. Element Diameter Item Number Item Number * These transducers can only be used with the High Penetration software option. ** Delay line is not replaceable on these transducers. Replaceable Delay Lines Delay lines function as a protective buffer between the surface of the test piece and the transducer element. Element Diameter Delay Line Maximum Thickness / Measurement Limit* Item...

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