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Veronte-Motor-Controller-MC110-v2 (1).0-Datasheet


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Veronte-Motor-Controller-MC110-v2 (1).0-Datasheet - 1

EMBENTION +15 YEARS ENABLING DRONES TO POPULATE OUR SKIES Designed for all types of air, ground and sea vehicles. MC11O is the perfect solution for high-demanding operations providing exceptional levels of safety and reliability. Capable of operating with voltages up to 800V and currents up to 200A, it enables a wide range of applications and systems and optimum performance. Developed in compilance with the stringent aviation standards DO178C and DO254. The MC110 is capable of controllig sensored and sensorless electric motors for eVTOL, vehicles and industry. 04 | Ground Transportation 05 | Maritim Vehicles 06 | Industry & Robotics WATER COOLING FLIGHT CERTIFICATION

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Veronte-Motor-Controller-MC110-v2 (1).0-Datasheet - 2

Input voltage range Redundant control Control customization Motor parameters | FOC Parameters | Open loop/Close loop start up Advanced setup Fault detection limits | Switching frequency | Regenerative mode 1x Isolated CAN FD Bus | 1x Isolated CAN 2.0 Bus | 1x OPTO PWM | RS232 | RS485 | USB Motor & ESC temperature | Control variables | RPM | Input voltage | In/Out current Motor control Sensorless or sensored (Digital incremental encoder | Analog SIN/COS) Aircraft certification Water cooling Fault detection Input/Output over-current | Input under/over-voltage | Over-temperature Additional...

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