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Enabling drones to populate our skies MEX 1.0 AVIONICS High performance magnetometer for MAGNETOMETER AND I/O EXPANSION MODULE autonomous vehicle installation. Includes I/O expansion capabilities and advanced network management: CAN Bus isolation, data concentrator, etc. UAV & eVTOL AIRCRAFT COMPASS Outstanding stable performance over time and temperature. Permits to extend the number of I/O ports in Veronte Autopilot. CAN Bus isolator, data concentrator and sub-network management.

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3-Axis | HMR 2300 drop-in replacement Extend the number of I/O CAN Bus to serial, digital input, analog, etc. Message filtering | Sub-network generation Failure detection | Babbling idiot failure Device isoaltion Long distances | Protection | Robust bus Sensors, actuators, ESC, ADS-B, Payload, etc. Magnetometer I/O Expander Data Concentrator Network Bus protection Bus Isolation Wire Optimization Device Interface I/O EXTENSION & DATA INTERFACES 2x CAN Bus | 2x RS232 | 1x RS485 | 1x I2C 4x 5VDC PWM | 2x 5VDC ECAP | 1x EQEP 2x5V | 1x12V | 1x36V Dual redundant | Galvanic isolation Software...

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