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Veronte Autopilot 4x v1.8 Datasheet-ENG HR_Print


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Veronte Autopilot 4x v1.8 Datasheet-ENG HR_Print - 1

Enabling drones to populate our skies 4x 1.8 AUTOPILOTS Designed for the control of critical UAVs, REDUNDANT FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEM eVTOLs and autonomous vehicles.VV Includes 3 complete autopilot cores with DAL-B compliance for DO178-C, DO254 and DO160-G. Optional 4th core. HIGH RELIABILITY CONTROL SYSTEM USER PROGRAMABLE Create custom programs and control logics using model-based design. DO178-C, DO254, DO160-G, ESS, ATR, STANAG ... for aircraft certification 3 internal autopilot cores and 4th external core with no single point of failure.

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Veronte Autopilot 4x v1.8 Datasheet-ENG HR_Print - 2

All Vehicles 100% Autonomous Fly-by-wire High Reliability Sense & Avoid Internal Sensors Positioning Communications Plane | Multi | Heli | Autogiro | VTOL | USV | Mission & payload | Assisted / Manual / Auto Onboard or remote joystick Full redundant | Fail operational Radar | Lidar | Camera | ADS-B | Remote ID 9x IMU | 9x Magneto | 6x Barometer | 3x Pitot 6x GNSS | RTK | GNSS Heading Internal LOS, LTE | External LOS, LTE, Satcom USER PROGRAMABLE Programs Phases Automations Navigation Pheripherals Compatibility Model based design | Customization | PID level Takeoff | Landing | Cruise | Hover...

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