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Enabling drones to populate our skies 1x 4.8 AUTOPILOTS Fully autonomous control for UAVs, CONTROL SYSTEM FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES UGVs, USVs and tripulated eVTOLs. High reliability and certification in compliance with DO178-C, DO254 and DO160-G aviation standards up to DAL B. HIGH RELIABILITY CONTROL SYSTEM USER PROGRAMABLE Model-based design tools enable custom programs and control logics. SENSE & AVOID Aircraft certification: DO178-C, DO254, DO160-G, ESS, ATR, STANAG, etc. Embedded ADS-B or Remote ID and support for external detection means.

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All Vehicles 100% Autonomous Advanced Control Sense & Avoid All-in-one Box Internal Sensors Positioning Plane | Multi | Heli | Autogiro | VTOL | USV | + Mission & payload | Assisted / manual / auto Adaptative | Curve-based | Fly-by-camera Radar | Lidar | Camera | ADS-B | Remote ID Sensors | FTS | Comms | ADS-B or Remote ID 3x IMU | 3x Magneto | 2x Barometer | 1x Pitot 2x GNSS | RTK | GNSS Heading Programs Phases Automations Navigation Pheripherals Compatibility Model based design |Customization |PID level Takeoff | Landing | Cruise | Hover | Transition | + Failsafe | Phase change |...

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