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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: STANDARD CHARACTERISTICS: Sizes: Sub-NEMA to NEMA 256 Frame Sizes Power ranges: 0.01 hp to 15 hp Output Speed: up to 33,000 rpm Single or three phase power Available as housed or frameless U. S. Patented motor technology. Inverter Duty Class H insulation with a Class B temperature rise for a longer life. Complete speed regulation with no feedback means precise speed control for a simple, accurate and reliable process without additional peripheral costs. Extremely high-energy reliable Samarium Cobalt (SmCO) rare earth magnets that are virtually impossible to demagnetize. Inherent dynamic braking by simply shorting the leads. Thousands of designs over 20 years, to provide the complete technical support. Rugged cast iron enclosures provide rigid mechanical mounting. Higher power in a smaller package PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: When precise preset speed control must be attained even though voltage, temperature, and load fluctuate constantly or when two or more units of operating equipment must be synchronized the WELCO Vari-Hertz™ PM synchronous motor offers an open-loop motor solution. Higher efficiency and power factor, higher energy density, no external power supply for mechanical braking needed, precise open-loop speed control, stable operation and high reliability / longer life are all features of our U. S. Patented motor technology. 2600 South Custer | Wichita, Kansas 67217 | Main Phone: (316) 941-0400 | Toll Free:1-800-668-6732

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