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Architectural Recessed Luminaires Let the light shine through!

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Introducing Sottile [sō-tee-lay] 2D, a new fully luminous architectural recessed luminaire by Nulite. This cost effective, energy efficient luminaire series provides soft ambient illumination with a modern appearance

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Sottile - 4

Modern Modern The crisp transitions between our three lenses creates a clean aesthetic and modern appearance. Our optical system consists of proprietary lenses which are engineered for balance between light transmission and shielding of the lamp source along with housing geometry to achieve a cohesive soft luminous quality. Nulite offers a multitude of center diffuser options tailored to modern design. Our standard center diffuser is an extruded smooth frosted acrylic lens. Optional center lenses are the clear linear prism, clear linear prism with white radial baffle, frosted linear prism...

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Sottile - 5

Frosted Linear Prism Clear Linear Prism Clear Smooth with Perf Overlay Clear Linear Prism w/ Radial Baffle Visual Comfort

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Sottile - 6

A larger luminous aperture is achieved when designing without a door frame. There’s a 9% increase in aperture area with Sottile 2D compared to a door frame luminaire. Die formed cold rolled steel housing. Optional, specification grade, 20 gauge cold rolled steel housing painted after fabrication. Curved back housing allows for easier installation in reduced plenum applications. Luminaire can be installed in a minimum plenum depth of 6.5 inches above the grid. Integral corner pry out grid hooks to secure luminaire over ceiling grid. Convenient four corner tie-back locations to secure...

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Sottile - 7

Diversity Diversity Entire Product Family Nulite’s Sottile 2D ranges in size from nominal 1’x1’ to 2’x4’ in a variety of lamping options. Luminaires can be recessed in acoustical grid or inaccessible ceilings along with surface mounting in a trim frame. Surface Mount

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Sottile - 8

Efficient Efficient Standard Frosted Smooth Lens Clear Linear Prism Lens Our High Performance Option (HP28) is available for (2) 28W T5 lamping in our 2’x4’ for all lens options. This option gains approximately 2% in efficiency to maximize energy savings. Our optical systems consist of a combination of proprietary lenses and housing designs to achieve a cohesive soft luminous aperture. The linear prism lenses are designed to increase efficiency and peak candlepower. Frosted Linear Prism Lens 90.6% Efficiency Test # LSI 28935 Catalog # L2D-228T5... RFD-HP28 Lamp: (2) FP28/835 Lumens: 2600 / lamp...

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Sottile - 9

* LLF = (T8) 0.77, (T5) 0.80 & (T5HO) 0.77; Lumens = 2950 (T8), 2600 (T5) & 4500 (T5HO); Reflectance - 80/50/20; Work-plane = 30” AAF or floor for hallway; No partitions or furniture modeled; FCAM = Footcandles average maintained. Typical Corridor (40’L x 8’W x 9’H) Luminaire Spacing 12’ o.c. Luminaire: 2x2 Standard frosted lens L2D-114T5... L2D-124T5HO... FCAM: 14.3 FCAM: 30.2 0.33 w/sq. ft. Typical Open Office (50’L x 50’W x 9’H) Luminaire Spacing 8’x12’ Luminaire Spacing 8’x12’ Luminaire: 2x4 Frosted linear prism lens L2D-228T5... RFD-HP28 L2D-154T5HO...RFD FCAM: 40.2 FCAM: 35.2 Luminaire:...

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Sottile - 10

Lamping Options Quad and Triple Tube CFL Long Twin Tube Grid Ceiling Mounting Details Screw Slot Grid

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Sottile - 11

Specifications Construction: Die formed cold rolled steel housing. Housing finish is white baked enamel. Optional die formed 20 gauge cold rolled steel housing and powder coated white paint after fabrication. Access plate allows for convenient wiring without opening luminaire. Reflector / Ballast: Ballast cover/pan is finished with high reflectance white paint. Standard electronic, Class P, ballast. Universal (UNV) voltage is from 120 to 277V. Shielding: Extruded 3-piece smooth frosted acrylic diffusers. Spring tension shift-and-remove center diffuser for convenient lamp maintenance....

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Sottile - 12

Let the light shine through! architectural 10770 East 51st Avenue Denver, CO 80239 Phone 303-287-9646 Fax 303-287-0316

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