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Centurion® Mechanical Seals Powering Business Worldwide

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The Advantages of Choice Eaton offers the most diverse line of mechanical seals and sealing components, including pressure-balanced face seals, circumferential segmented seals, brush seals and welded metal bellows seals. Each incorporates the optimum seal configuration, material and technology, including hydrodynamics; which can be applied to both face and circumferential seals, significantly improving performance. Rather than offer one product, Eaton possesses hundreds of solutions to sealing problems. Eaton can also custom-design and fabricate exactly what you need. The Advantages of...

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Centurion Brand 700 Series Mechanical Seals Eaton's Centurion 700 Series mechanical seals are stationary, "face" type seals designed for a wide array of applications: from aircraft engine accessory gearboxes and mainshafts to hydraulic pumps, starters, compressors, industrial generators and other high speed, rotating machinery. Although typical designs range in types managing high speed, large axial movement or high pressure applications, there are mainly two types of 700 Series seals: the monoblock carbon type and the metal-backed type (see Figure 1). Standard sizes exist for shaft...

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or hydrodynamic geometry to either aid in lifting off or suctioning down its seal ring. Materials for rotors must have excellent thermal conductivity and surface hardness. In some cases coatings may be required. Understanding operating parameters for the seal and mating ring set will allow the designer to tailor a solution with the proper design, materials, and coatings. the interface. These seals are referred to as a "wet" face configuration. Eaton's Centurion face-type seals are used to protect bearing sumps from hot gases at elevated pressure when conventional buffered labyrinth seals...

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Centurion 800 Series Mechanical Seals Eaton's Centurion 800 Series mechanical seals are stationary, "face" type seal with an all-metallic construction. Originally designed for extreme environmental applications, the 800 Series has found its way into a wide array of applications: from fuel controls, auxiliary power units and small aircraft engine gas turbine mainshafts, to helicopter gearboxes, to cryogenic turbopumps and nuclear valves and systems. The 800 Series welded metal bellows seal shown is comprised of a carbon-graphitesealing element held in a low-expansion alloy carrier. The...

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Centurion 1200 Series Circumferential Segmented Seals In addition to face type seals as previously described, many aircraft and industrial gas turbines apply circumferential segmented seals in severe environment applications requiring high reliability and long life in. Segmented carbon seals are also used as barrier seals in industrial compressors. Such seals are ideal in applications where long axial movements are anticipated due to thermal or mechanical phenomena usually found in today's rotor-machinery systems. Typical sizes range from shaft diameters of 1.6" (4 mm) to 10.0" (250 mm)....

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Eaton Centurion 1900 Series Brush Seals Brush seals made of high temperature nickel-cobalt alloy bristles are circumferential seals which may be used in place of traditional labyrinth seals in large or small gas turbine secondary and tertiary flow gas paths. Low-hysteresis damping plates allow seals to withstand large radial movements without opening, allowing the seals to manage high temperature, high-speed environments with long life capabilities. Brush seals are comprised of an array of densely packed, high temperature resistant, low wear bristles, configured on an angle of approximately...

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Eaton Aerospace Group Fluid & Electrical Distribution Division 10 New Road East Providence RI 02916 Phone: (401) 781 4700 Fax: (401) 785 4614 E.ii"ii -elospace Gl"l||' 0C50 Jeionim" R-ad Irvine, California 92618 Phone: (949) 452 9500 Fax: (949) 452 9555 w-ww e.iloiiAOlilakMospjae C"|.yii,|lii © 2013 Eaton A Rights Rese!ved Form No. TF100-34E October 2013

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