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Lockheed Martin/Boeing F/A-22 Raptor


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Lockheed Martin/Boeing F/A-22 Raptor

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The Lockheed Martin F/A-22 Raptor is a swept-winged fighter with blended engine intake/wing leading edge root extension. The aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 afterburning turbofans, each fitted with a two-dimensional thrust-vectoring nozzle. The advanced tactical fighter's engines produce more thrust than any current fighter engine, especially in the military power regime, allowing the F/A-22 to cruise efficiently in excess of Mach 1.5 without the use of fuel-guzzling afterburners. This capability greatly expands the F/A-22's operating envelope in both speed and range...

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Lockheed Martin/Boeing F/A-22 Raptor - 3

Engine Solutions 1. Magnetic Chip Collector 2. Lubriclone 3. Mini-Modular Coolant Couplings 4. Oil Level Sensor 5. Main Weapons Bay Door Motor/Package 6. Side Weapons Bay Door Motor/Package 7 Gun Drive Motor 8. Landing Gear Sequence Valve 9. Landing Gear Control 10. Landing Gear Brake Swivels 11. Rudder Shuttle Valve 12. Main Engine-Driven Pump 22. Fuel Transfer Motor 23. Main Engine Fuel Line Assemblies 13. Rynglok Tube Fittings 14. Reservoir Pick Up Tube 15. Kevlar Hose Assemblies 16. Stainless Steel Reinforced Hose Assemblies 17 Auxiliary Power Unit Pump 18. Utility Isolation Valve 19....

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Lockheed Martin/Boeing F/A-22 Raptor - 4

Kevlar® Reinforced Hose Assemblies Eaton's Aeroquip product line Kevlar® hose assemblies are utilized extensively throughout the F/A-22 aircraft to optimize weight reduction throughout the hydraulic system. The AE319 and AE355 hose assemblies are rated to 4000 psi (27,600 kPa) and are used in the low pressure hydraulic return system. The AE319 is a heavy duty hose and is used in areas that experience more severe service. Stainless Steel Reinforced Hose Assemblies Stainless steel reinforced hose assemblies for the F/A-22 include the 666 smooth bore, medium pressure hose assemblies and the...

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Lockheed Martin/Boeing F/A-22 Raptor - 5

E-Seals The lower exit duct seal is a metallic E-Seal that is installed between the primary heat exchanger and the exit duct of the F/A-22 aircraft. Main Engine Fuel Line Assemblies Fuel is supplied to each of the engines in the F/A-22 via two main engine fuel line assemblies. Each assembly is three inches in diameter, and approximately two to three feet long. The fuel lines are made from aluminum material and each contains three articulating ball joints. Each ball joint is capable of 20 degrees of angular movement. Electronic Warfare Control Valve The solenoid controlled pilot-operated...

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Lockheed Martin/Boeing F/A-22 Raptor - 6

Oil Level Sensor Eaton's oil level sensor senses three levels of oil - full, add, and low. Magnetic reed switches have a redundant circuit for high reliability. Landing Gear Door Sequence Valve The landing gear door sequence valve is a mechanically-operated, two-position, four-way hydraulic sequence valve that controls hydraulic supply and return fluid flow for sequencing the main landing gear door with the main landing gear. Solenoid Operated Switching Valve The hydraulic switching valve control module, is a 6-way 2-position, solenoid-operated, non-interflow type, selector valve, with...

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Lockheed Martin/Boeing F/A-22 Raptor - 7

Lubriclone® Separates entrained air from the scavenged lube system oil by centrifugal force. Unique internal design affords separation efficiencies up to 99%. Wear particles are also directed to an area where a debris monitor can readily capture and indicate their presence. Main Engine Driven Pump Hydraulic power for the F/A-22 is provided for all flight control and utility functions by four 72 gpm (273 L/min.) 4411 rpm, variable displacement, 4100 psi (28,300 kPa), pressure-compensated eleven-piston pumps. Each pump is equipped with an Electrical Depressurization Valve (EDV) and features a...

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Lockheed Martin/Boeing F/A-22 Raptor - 8

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