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High Pressure Maintenance-Free Accumulators


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High Pressure Maintenance-Free Accumulators Eaton designs and manufactures accumulators which incorporate high precision edge-welded metal bellows. Such accumulators are known as maintenancefree, which are precharged with gas at the factory and do not require subsequent re-charging. The bellows form a hermetic seal, pre-venting the interchange of the charge gas and the (hydraulic) fluid, resulting in a leak-free assembly over the life of the system. A High Pressure MaintenanceFree Accumulator (HPMFA) is capable of handling the bottoming cycles that are the result of a hydraulic system's shift from a normal operating mode to a shut down (discharge) condition. Features & Benefits Reduced Weight & ThroughLife/Maintenance Costs • • • • • • No charge lines No charge valves No pressure gauges No panels No inspection windows The use of helium results in reduced size, weight and expense Designed for the Highest Cycle Lift Possible (300,000 MCTF est.) • Performance not dependent on charge pressure • Capable of handling more bottoming cycles than conventional designs • No pressure across bellows when hydraulically discharged "Fit and Forget" • Can be installed in inaccessible locations • No pre-flight or post- flight inspections • Can be installed in any position/orientation Fast Response Time • Minimum friction between separator and housing • Light moving mass • Unaffected by temperature Sealed for Life • Factory pre-charged • Leak tight to 1 x 10-7 std. cc/sec helium • No re-charging/ maintenance • Hermetic Seal prevents ingress of air, water, debris and other contaminants into fluid • Eliminates field mistakes due to re-charging All Metal Construction • Compatible with all hydraulic fluids • Extreme temperature limits • No elastomeric seals • No need to overhaul • No leakage due to extreme temperature changes • No gas leakage into hydraulic system Can Monitor Conditions from Fluid Side • Gas pressure • Retention system Meets Transportation and Handling Requirements • IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations • Federal Regulations Code 49CFR Design Range Volume (Typical): 12 in3 to 400 in3 200 cc to 6,500 cc Temperature (Typical); 175°F to 480°F (79°C to 250°C) Pressure (Practical Limit): Up to 5,000 psi (34.5 MPa) Indefinite Shelf Life Meets Qualification

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