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Carter® Nozzle Ball Valve F:T*N Powering Business Worldwide

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Eaton's Carter Model 64015 Ball Valve is designed to mate with various manufacturers' underwing refueling nozzles to provide ease of strainer inspection and to add a true swivel action to the combination unit. Model 64015 is available with a variety of options for customizing the unit to fit various requirements. In one form, the strainer can be checked without the spillage of any fuel. In its simplest form, fuel spillage caused by the checking of the strainer is minimal. Features • Choice of inlets with 2 or 2%-inch NPT or BSPP threads available (3-inch NPT also available) • Free-floating...

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The options shown at right may be added to the basic model number to achieve the desired configuration. Mating Parts Ordering Data Option Weight Letter Description lbs (kg) Comments D Adds glass strainer inspection cover +0.07 (.032) Allows the inspection of the strainer with no spillage (47020-2)of fuel E Adds plastic drag ring protector +0.88 (.399) Recommended especially for hose reel mounted units J Adds spanner wrench +0.31 (.141) Required to remove inspection lid (standard or option D). Also used to operate ball to inspection position K1 Specifies 2/-inch BSPP inlet +1.06 (.481) R...

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