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Boeing CH-47 - 2

The Boeing Chinook is a tandem rotor, medium-lift helicopter that meets tactical and combat support mission requirements for military forces around the globe. The Chinook is the worlds most reliable and efficient transport helicopter, capable of handling useful loads up to 24,000 lbs. (10,886kg) and a maximum gross weight of up to 50,000 lbs. (22,668 kg). Its tandem rotor configuration also provides exceptional handling qualities that enable the CH-47 to operate in extreme climatic, altitude and crosswind conditions that typically keep other helicopters from flying. The Chinook has been in...

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Boeing CH-47 - 3

Boeing CH-47 System Components Engine Solutions Motion Control 15. Cargo Winch Drive Motor 16. External Cargo Hook Actuating Cylinder 17 Rescue Hoist Drive Motor . Oil Filler Assembly Chip Detector Pressure Switch Seals Pressure Transducer Power Assisted Master Hydraulic Brake Cylinder Hydraulic Brake Transfer Valve Electric Pump for Utility System Hydraulic Accumulator (EPUSHA) Transmission Driven Pump Power Transfer Unit (PTU) APU Starter/Pump Hose Assemblies Self-Sealing Quick Disconnect Couplings EATON Aerospace Group C5-26F July 2015

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Boeing CH-47 - 4

External Cargo Hook Actuating Cylinder P/N 51980 The external cargo hook actuating cylinder allows, in the case of an emergency, a means of releasing the cargo or payload attached to the center cargo hook. The center cargo hook is installed on a beam suspended under the center cabin floor in the center of the helicopter. In emergency mode, when activated by a cockpit switch, the energized release of a 28 VDC solenoid on the center hook allows pneumatic pressure from a chamber in the hook actuating cylinder to flow to an auxiliary piston in the cylinder. Motion of this piston raises the...

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Boeing CH-47 - 5

Transmission Driven Pump P/N 3030434-001 Eaton's tranmission driven pumps provide hydraulic power to the CH-47's primary and secondary hydraulic systems. Power Transfer Unit (PTU) P/N 569773 Eaton's PTU provides hydraulic power between hydraulic systems without the transfer of system fluid. Main Engine Starter P/N 420078 Eaton's main engine starter is a clutched hydraulic motor that rotates the T55 engine by utilizing hydraulic power provided by the APU starter/ pump. APU Starter/Pump P/N 961585 Eaton's APU starter/pump functions as a hydraulic motor to start the APU and then converts to a...

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Boeing CH-47 - 6

Cage Codes Fuel and Motion Control Systems Division Bedhamptom, England Euclid, Ohio Inglewood, California Irvine, California Jackson, Mississippi Los Angeles , California Titchfield, England_ Fluid and Electrical Distribution Division Beltsville, Maryland Bethel, Connecticut_ Coignieres, France Gilching, Germany Glenolden, Pennsylvania_ Grand Rapids, Michigan Jackson, Michigan Redditch, England_ Serres-Castet, France Taccoa, Georgia_ Warwick, Rhode Island_ 6 EATON Aerospace Group C5-26F July 2015

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Boeing CH-47 - 7

EATON Aerospace Group C5-26F July 2015

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Boeing CH-47 - 8

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