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The United States Air Force Boeing C-17 Globemaster III is a high-wing, four-engine, T-tailed aircraft with a rearloading ramp. It is 174 feet in length, has a height of 55.08 feet and a wingspan of 169.75 feet. Maximum takeoff gross weight is 585,000 lbs; maximum payload is 164,900 lbs. It was designed to expand the capability of the Air Mobility Command (AMC) by enabling the long distance transport of troops and heavy combat equipment directly to small austere landing sites. The austere landing site capability of the aircraft is further enhanced by having all systems fully independent of...

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Engine Solutions Hydraulic Systems Eaton's Boeing C-17 Systems Components Other 1. Magnetic Chip Collectors 2. Differential Pressure Switch 3. Hydraulic Pressure Switch 4. Mainshaft Carbon Seals 5. Gear Box Seals Fuel & Inerting Systems 16. Engine-Driven Pumps 17. Dual Brake Metering Valves 18. AC Motorpump 19. Fluid Conveyance Line Assembly 20. RAT Pump 21. RAT Release Actuator 22. Steering & Bypass Control Valves 39. Cargo Air Delivery Manifold 40. Stabilzation Strut System 41. Levelmaster® 6. OBIGGS LP Valve 7. OBIGGS Compressor Motor 8. OBIGGS II Super Joint Assembly 9. OBIGGS HP...

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145/155 Series Soft Seal Ground Support Couplings Eaton's 145/155 series couplings have been the industry standard for ground service applications for over 50 years. During this time the design has been continuously improved to increase reliability, safety and ease of operation. Improvements have been made to include elastomeric soft seals in both the aircraft half and ground cart half to virtually eliminate fluid spillage and air inclusion during operation, and blunt start threads to prevent cross threading. Eaton's main fuel line provides fuel from the engine pylon to the engine fuel...

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Pitch Trim Actuator Motor The C-17 pitch control is maintained by a rotary actuator located in the aircraft empennage. The pitch trim actuator motor provides positional control of the horizontal stabilizer. Two Eaton bi-directional inline hydraulic motors, with a displacement of .22 cu in/rev (3.60 ml/rev), produce a theoretical torque of 137 in-Ibs at 3900 psi (26,889 kPa) pressure differential. The motor is designed to withstand two million reverse load cycles, and 2000 psi return pressure. The MF3-022 motor contains anticavitation check valves and weighs 6.2 Ibs (2.81 kg). OBIGGS...

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The C-17 Levelmaster® provides four discrete bits of potable water level information. The assembly consists of four electro-optic sensors positioned at customer specified levels of: full, 2/3, 1/3 and empty. As liquid covers each prism point, a light is activated in a panel mounted indicator, providing level status. A press-to-test button on the indicator will energize those lights corresponding to the sensors which are not immersed in liquid. Hydraulic Pressure Switch This small, lightweight, extremely reliable hydraulic pressure switch is used extensively in aerospace and is qualified for...

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Eaton's rotary actuators are used to adjust the release point on the variable restraint lock mechanisms on the aircraft's aerial delivery rail. The actuator is powered by a bi-directional 115 VAC single phase motor. The motor has an integral brake which holds the output shaft in position when power is removed. The brake is released upon re-application of power. A film type multi-turn potentiometer is connected to the epicyclic gear train and is used to track the number of revolutions of the output shaft and displays the load setting at the sidewall control panel. Fuel Boost Pump and...

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