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Recognized as some of the world's most advanced commercial aircraft the A318/ A319/A320/A321 are the first to use carbon-fiber composite construction. These aircraft are also unique in the way the pilot commands are processed to control flight. A small side-stick controller replaces the traditional control column and converts pilot input into electrical signals. A computer interprets these signals and orders control surface movements to achieve the desired results. A centralized fault display system (CFDS) helps reduce operational delays by permitting easy and rapid identification of faulty...

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Debris Monitoring Lube Oil Accessories Chip Collectors Liquid Level Gauges Filler Plug Gear Box Seals Power Transfer Unit Quick Disconnect Couplings Inline AC Motorpump Inline Motor Fuel Manifold Assembly Pressure Switches & Transducers Reinforced Hose Assemblies Engine-Driven Inline Pump Relief Valves RAT Driven Inline Pump Generator Control Unit Hydraulic Motor-Driven Generator Start Valve Airbus A320 Series Eaton Components Fuel & Inerting Systems 20. Main Engine Fuel Pumps VBV Gear Motor Manual Ball Valve Fuel Boost Pumps & Canisters Jet Pumps - Scavenge Refuel Couplings Flush Cover &...

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Airbus A318, A319, A320 & A321 - 4

A75J/1A6794/A75RD Chip Collectors Eaton's chip collector, A75J, is located in the secondary power system oil flow to capture ferrous wear particles from gears and bearings that could indicate impending failure. Its self-closing valve permits withdrawal of the magnetic probe for visual inspection of the collected debris, with the loss of only a few drops of oil. 2D1341 Liquid Level Indicator Eaton's liquid level indicator provides a viewing port that allows the operator to check oil level in the Auxiliary Power Unit. A high contrast feature provides excellent readability in subdued light....

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Airbus A318, A319, A320 & A321 - 5

21SN04 Differential Pressure Switch Eaton's 21SN04 pressure switch is mounted on the V2500 engine to detect filter clogging in fuel, LOP and scavenge oil systems. When the pressure differential between the high and low ports exceeds a pre-set value, the pressure sensor actuates a snap-action electrical switch to signal the filter condition. 214C40-1 Altitude Switch Eaton's lightweight altitude pressure switch utilizes an aneroid capsule to operate a snap-action electrical switch. As part of the sanitation system, the 214C40-1 is used for remote sensing of altitude. The switch is set...

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Airbus A318, A319, A320 & A321 - 6

Summary Eaton's Aerospace Products MODEL or PART NUMBER DESCRIPTION CMV3-022-EA3C Hydraulic Motor-Driven Generator Eaton's Hydraulic Motor-Driven Generator (HMDG) consists of a servo controlled variable displacement hydraulic motor integrated with an AC electric generator. The HMDG drives the emergency generator at a constant speed of 12,000 rpm over a range of output from 0 to 5 KVA. A ram air turbine-driven pump provides the hydraulic power source to the CSM. The AC generator is a liquid cooled, 400Hz unit. Liquid cooling is provided by circulating hydraulic motor fluid flow around...

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Airbus A318, A319, A320 & A321 - 7

The Eaton family of product line names reflects a proud heritage of quality and innovation that has grown over the years through acquisition of a number of highly respected aerospace companies. Eaton still uses many of those companies' names today, a reflection of their proud legacy of quality and customer satisfaction. EATON Aerospace Group Aerospace Capabilities C5-12D April 2014 Product Line or Series/ Product Name

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F:T*N Powering Business Worldwide Copyright ©2014 Eaton All Rights Reserved Copying or Editing is Forbidden Form No. C5-12E April 2014

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