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Aerospace Capabilities Boeing 777 Powering Business Worldwide

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The Boeing 777 is a wide-body, twin-engine airplane with flexibility in range, routes and interior configurations. Its state-of-the-art technology includes fly-by-wire flight controls and digital avionics. Similar in appearance to the 767, the Boeing 777 is longer and wider with wings that include a folding wing-tip option. The landing gear on the 777 is the largest ever incorporated into a commercial airplane to date. The standard two-post arrangement features six-wheel trucks instead of conventional four-wheel units. A total of 12 wheels support the 777 for better weight distribution...

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Aerospace Capabilities Boeing 777 - 3

Eaton’s Boeing 777 Components Motion Control Flight Lock Actuator Thrust Reverse Interlock Actuator Auto Speed Brake Control Stand Acutator Pneumatic Actuators Cargo Door Rotary Actuator Lift Latch Power Drive Unit Power Drive Unit Assembly Rudder Trim Switch Environmental Control System Door Actuator Emergency Passenger Door Actuator Fuel Systems 11. Main Engine Fuel Pumps 12. Pressure Refueling Level Control Valve Engine Solutions 13. Low Profile, Self-Sealing Fittings 14. Kevlar® Hose Assembly 15. Low Profile Ratchet Lock Couplings 16. Low Profile Ball Bearing Plane Swivel Joints 17...

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Aerospace Capabilities Boeing 777 - 4

MF1-095-6 Stabilizer Trim Motor Eaton's Stabilizer Trim Motor is a 3000 psi (207 bar), 2320 rpm bent axis fixed stroke piston motor. Displacement is 0.803 cu in/rev (12.15 ml/rev). Dry motor weight is 9.75 lbs (4.42kg) PV3-300-16 Main System Engine and Air Motor Driven Pump Hydraulic power for the left and right systems is supplied by two 48 gpm (182 L/min), 4315 rpm, variable displacement, 3000 psi (207 bar), pressure compensated inline pumps. Displacement is 3.0 (49.14 ml/rev). Dry pump weight is 40.10 lbs (18.18 kg). PV3-115-34 Ram Air Turbine Pump Eaton's 3025 psi (208 bar)...

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Aerospace Capabilities Boeing 777 - 5

71425 Filter Module The Boeing 777 integrates Eaton's hydraulic filter module within each of the three main hydraulic systems. The module filters the pressure and case drain hydraulic fluid for use in the hydraulic system. System pressure is monitored and controlled through a series of integrated valves, sensors, pressure transducers, check valves, and relief valves. Also provided are ground service connections. 71404 Brake Metering Valve Eaton's brake metering valve controls hydraulic pressure to the aircraft brakes. Using spool and sleeve technology, the brake valve has two separate...

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Aerospace Capabilities Boeing 777 - 6

692D100 Rotary Actuator for Large Cargo Door Eaton's rotary actuators are designed to provide maximum weight to power efficiency for operation in harsh environments. The design options include potentiometer, synchro, resolver or RVDT feedback, mechanical overrides and redundant motors. 931D100 Lift Latch Power Drive Unit This actuator consists of an AC 3-phase brushless motor with integral brake, a primary torque limiting device, a manual drive provision with torque limiter and six stages of reduction gearing, resulting in a final drive ratio of 1572.34 to 1. Extremely powerful for its...

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Aerospace Capabilities Boeing 777 - 7

933D100 Flight Lock Actuator Eaton's 28VDC linear actuator operates the eight in-flight passenger door locks on the Boeing 777 aircraft. The rated operation load for this unit is 8.0 lbs (3.48 kg) and a maximum static load of 100 lbs (43.5 kg). The motor is designed for continuous stall and has an integral clutch design. 964D100 Power Drive Unit Assembly This Eaton Power Drive Unit (PDU) lift/latch actuation system operates the small cargo doors. It unlatches and translates (lifts) the door in an upward direction, clear of the stop fittings. At this point, the Hinge Drive System (HDS) can...

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