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Aerial Refueling Capabilities Market scope The design, manufacture, and supply of aerial refueling components and hardware have long been a niche market for Eaton's Aerospace Group. This market is exclusive to military application and consists of direct sales to the major airframe companies, refueling pod manufacturers, and US and Allied military forces worldwide. Eaton is known as the world’s principal supplier of aerial refueling systems – there is not a tanker operating anywhere in the world which is not equipped with Eaton hardware. The international aerial refueling tanker fleets consist of almost 900 tanker aircraft operated by 24 nations. The U.S. owns 80% of these tankers which operate all over the world in supporting our global airlift and contingency mission requirements. Eaton's aerial refueling hardware and components will be found throughout the fuel systems on these new aircraft, including the booms and probe and drogue transfer systems. Other platforms include: • KC-46 • KC-10 • KC-135 • HC-130 • A310 • A330 • KC-767 • F/A - 18A • Eurofighter Aerial refueling equipment Eaton's aerial refueling equipment consists of the following components and hardware: • Pumps • Valves • Control Manifolds • Couplings • Nozzles • Surge Suppressors • Flow Meters • Hoses • Booms • Probe • Drogue Transfer System Market strengths Eaton's Aerospace Group works closely with the entire international aerial refueling community – the manufacturers, subcontractors, maintainers, and the operators. Eaton plays a major leadership role in the Aerial Refueling Systems Advisory Group International (ARSAG), the international forum which works technical issues, develops standards, and prepares military specifications and NATO STANAGs. ARSAG is formally chartered by the Office of the Secretary of Defense as the Joint Standardization Board for Aerial Refueling Systems. More Information For more information on Eaton's aerial refueling capabilies, contact: Tom Griffith Military Account Manager mobile: (405) 315 5599 Jeff Baker Military Account Manager tel

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