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Double-Ended Fuel Booster Pump Type 7202 Description The Eaton Type 7202 double-ended fuel pump has been designed primarily for operation from a DC power source and operates in conjunction with a static inverter, which converts a DC supply to three-phase AC, to power the motor. This configuration confers the advantages of brushless AC fuel pump operation on aircraft having only DC supplies. The pump incorporates an integral fuel flooded, three-phase AC induction motor. Multi-stage pump impellers ensure uninterrupted fuel supply during normal flight, inverted flight and negative G conditions and pump performance is maintained during high rates of climb and at extreme altitudes over a wide fuel temperature range. The unit is fuel cooled and lubricated, has a dry running capability and is protected against overheating by thermal fuses which rupture in the event of the unit temperature exceeding a preset level. • DC operation with AC induction motor benefits • Compact and efficient • Operates in inverted flight and negative G conditions • High altitude and rate of climb capability • Explosion-proof and thermally protected • Affords reliable, maintenance-free operation reducing overall life cycle costs • Multi-fuel and Dry running capability Application • Hawk/T45

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. Part No. 568-1-24721-002 . Part No. 509-1-02401-000 . 28V DC nominal . 18.6V 400Hz, three-phase . 2773 litres/hr (610 UK gal/hr) . 48.3kPa (7psig) . Continuous . 5 minutes . Refer to graph . 2.27kg (5lb) . Refer to outline drawing FUEL FLOW (litre/h) PUMP MOUNTING FACE Overall Dimensions shown in mm (in) F;T‘NPowering Business Worldwide Eaton Aerospace Limited Fuel & Motion Control Systems Division Abbey Park, Southampton Road Titchfield, Fareham Hampshire, PO14 4QA UK Tel: +44 (0)1329 853000 Fax: +44 (0)1329 853797 Copyright © 2013 Eaton All Rights Reserved Form...

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