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Eaton's Aeroquip 601/AE701 hose consists of an extruded rubber tube with a partial coverage braid reinforcement embedded in the tube and an outer wire braid cover. The partial braid is applied over the tube under tension so that the wire is actually pulled into the tube, thus causing the rubber to protrude thought the large interstices. The full braided cover is then applied under tension to produce a bond between the rubber and the braided cover. This bond is achieved by the rubber being forced into the small interstices of the cover braid. Cause of Rubber Strike-Through Complete coverage of the tube by the outer braid is difficult to obtain, especially in the larger sizes. Also, the interstice size varies with the tension with which the braid is applied, thus resulting in rubber protruding through the cover in varying degrees. The amount varies in each run and in each size (see Figure 1). After braiding, the hose is wrapped with a fabric band which tightens down on the hose during the curing process. This warp smashes down the protruding rubber similar to the peened rivet. The result is a varying thickness of rubber film spread over the exterior of the hose. Area Coverage of Aeroquip 601/AE701 Hose in Submerged Applications When Aeroquip 601/AE701 hose is to be used in submerged applications this fact must be called to Eaton's attention. Eaton does not recommend 601/AE701 hose for submerged applications. Overall strike-through Strike-through or extrusion of the rubber tube through the braid cover on Aeroquip 601/AE701 hoses does not affect the performance of the hose and, in fact, may provide an additional mechanical bond of the cover and the tube. F:T‘NPowering Business Worldwide

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