PRO APF Series 12” L-852 TCL-LED (L)


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PRO APF Series  12” L-852 TCL-LED (L) - 1

Runway and Taxiway Inset Lights Taxiway Centerline Light Compliances: FAA: AC 150/5345-46: Current Edition FAA: EB67 Current Edition ICAO Annex 14 Vol. 1 and Part 4 IEC: TS 61827 NATO: STANAG 3316 RoHS and CE Plug Options: P1 = One plug P2 = Two plugs B1 = One plug, Lamp Bypass Enabled** Applications The L-852 TCL is a taxiway centerline light that is used primarily as a ground traffic aid during periods of low visability to guide aircraft between the runway and the parking stand. The TCL is usually a yellow or green bidirectional light. Features ■ ETL Certified ■ New Wavetrac™ technology reduces power consumption up to 80% compared to incandescent ■ Long life LED technology with rated projected life greater than 50,000h at 6.6A ■ Dust and water tight to IP 68 ■ Modular design makes fixtures easy to maintain with fewer parts to stock ■ Engineering Brief 67 current edition compliant dimming curve ■ High frequency 400Hz PWM helps eliminate flicker perception ■ Compatible with all known CCR types ■ 3.5 Crest factor ensures compatibility with Series CCRs ■ 10kV/5kA surge protection ■ -40C to +85C operating temperature ensures safe movement of aircraft in the most challenging locations ■ Failure monitoring of fixtures ■ 0.88 second switch-on time ■ IEC Style 3, 6-13mm low protusion housing ■ Low Profile, < .25" (6.35mm) -FAA Style 3 ■ Optional arctic kit (patent pending) ■ Typical initial fixture turn on voltage of 1.5V Ordering Information Fixture Type: A = Narrow CAT II B = Wide CAT II C = Narrow CAT III D = Wide CAT III J = Curved CAT II K = Curved CAT III Color Side A (J & K Left Toe):* Y = Yellow G = Green N = No Light Source Color Side B (J & K Right Toe):* Y = Yellow G = Green N = No Light Source Fixture Dimension: 12U = 12" Unibody (11.25 B.C.) Heater Options: 0 = No options 1 = Arctic kit * Green/Yellow and Yellow/Green color combinations are only recognized by FAA for 852A and 852C fixtures. **A larger 65W transformer is recommended if this option is chosen. For Artic Kit a 100W transformer is recommended

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PRO APF Series  12” L-852 TCL-LED (L) - 2

Outline Drawings Photometric Data Power VA Power VA Power VA Unidirectional Bidirectional P1 Bidirectional P2 & B1 * Use 65W transformer with B1 Option. ** Use 10W/15W transformer on each side with P2 Option *** Use 30W/45W in place of 10W/15W, 65W in place of 20W/25W and 100W in place of 65W with the Arctic Kit Option. Accessories & Renewal Parts 12” 852A/B/D/J/K Green Module 12” 852A/B/D/J/K Yellow Module 12” 852C Green Module 12” 852C Yellow Module Lens & Blank Lens Socket Replacement Kit (A/B/C/J/K) Lens Replacement Kit - 852D Arctic Kit Replacement Kit (A/B/C/J/K) Arctic Kit...

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