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Approach & Navigational Aids Section Head Precision Approach Path Indicator Compliances: FAA: AC 150/5345-28 Current Edition: L-880 and L-881 ICAO Annex 14 Applications The PAPI System provides the pilot a positive visual indication of the aircraft’s position relative to the optimal glide slope during final approach to the runway. The L-880 PAPI system consists of four units in a line or bar, each unit having two or three 200 watt lamps. The PAPI unit produces a beam of light, the upper portion being white, the lower red. As the pilot’s vertical position changes, the color of the light as seen by the pilot changes instantaneously. The Style A PAPI uses a Power and Control Unit (PCU) which has a photocell for automatic day/night intensity control. The PCU can be operated by using an L-854 radio controller signaled by an approaching aircraft. The Style B PAPI is powered by an L-828 constant current regulator. Style B does not include isolation transformers or connector kits, please order those separately. Features PAPI UNIT ETL Certified 1000 Hour Lamps Meets ICAO Recommendations Sharp Signal Transition: less than 3 Minutes of Arc Precise Setting Tool: ±2 Minutes of Arc (not included with PAPI unit) Ordering Information How to Order: Construct the basic catalog number based on the number of units per system and the power available. Add dash numbers for the temperature class and options. Style A includes the PCU. Above ground mounting hardware is included except 2 inch EMT for the legs. Order baseplates, transformer bases, and all other below ground items separately. Example: 880A2A-2 is an FAA L-880 system. It includes the PCU and tilt switches for voltage operation. 880A2B-2-11 is an ICAO PAPI system. It includes the EMT legs and it does not have tilt switches. Model: Lamps: 2 = 2 Lamps per Unit 3 = 3 Lamps per Unit Style: A = 220V to 240V B = 6.6A Temperature Class: 1 = –35°C 2 = –55°C Options: 11 = ICAO (No tilt switch, light unit legs included, -55°C operation) (see above example) 12 = Day operation enabled, night operation on/off interlocked with R/W circuit (Style A Only) 13 = Day & Night operation on/off interlocked with R/W circuit. (Style A Only) 16 = Protective lens cover 21 = Grounded Transformers – For No Tilt Switch units only S550 = Painted Stainless Steel PAPI Light Unit Housing Note: Order one clinometer (aiming device) 25220 separately. Tilt Switch Indicator Lights (Style B) POWER AND CONTROL UNIT(PCU) (Style A) Adjustable Power Supply - 195 to 265 VAC (not included w/PAPI Unit) 50 Hz or 60 Hz Operation Remote Control Override Fixture Type: Lamp Bypass Circuit (Style B) Power Circuit Breaker Indicator Lights: Internal D.C. Power Supply Operation Remote Control Status Tilt Switch Status Photo

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Installation Information MAY BE REDUCED TO 30´ ON NON JET RUNWAYS, GENERAL AVIATION ONLY Note: See Advisiory Circular AC150/5345-28 (latest revision) for complete siting information. PAPI UNIT Suggested PAPI System Layout Typical Wiring Diagram: FAA Style A PAPI UNIT POWER & CONTROL UNIT PAPI UNIT PAPI UNIT PAPI UNIT 1 = Consolidating Harness (supplied) 2 = Outgoing Power Feed from Power & Control Unit #8 AWG min (not supplied) 4 = Tilt Switch Leads - #14 AWG min (not supplied) INDICATES FIELD WATERPROOF CUSTOMER SPLICE Typical Wiring Diagram: FAA Style B (2-Lamps) / (3-Lamps) PAPI UNIT...

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PAPI System Isolation Transformer and Connector Kit Usage Quantity PAPI System Part Number Note: This table pertains to 6.6A circuits only, Consult factory for 20A requirements Outline Drawings PAPI Light Unit SIDE VIEW Power & Control Unit (PCU) (Style A System Only) SIDE VIEW PHOTOELECTRIC CONTROL HASP FOR REMOVABLE TOP COVER LIGHT OUTPUT LIGHT UNIT WITH 200 WATT LAMPS FLEXIBLE LIQUID-TIGHT CONDUIT & WIRING (INCLUDED) FRANGIBLE 60683-9 BASEPLATE (ORDER SEPARATELY) 10037-533 PLUG & WIRE (9.5 FOOT LENGTH) FLOOR FLANGE 25684 CONCRETE PAD SUPPORT LEG (2) 2 INCH EMT (NOT SUPPLIED) POWER...

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Footing Dimensions Chart Inches (Millimeters) PAPI Light Unit 2-Lamp PAPI Light Unit 3-Lamp PCU for 8803A Systems All other PCU’s Instruction Manual: Shipping Weight: Shipping Volume: *Each Unit 3-Lamp Light Unit Accessories Description Catalog Number Clinometer Baseplate, 2˝ Hub Tilt Level Renewal Parts Description PAPI UNIT Power Entry-Frangible Coupling (1 per Unit) Leg-Frangible Coupling (3 per Unit) Receptacle 4 P-AN with 4-Conductor 2’ Consolidating Harness Style A (Mates to 10037-533) Consolidating Harness Style B - FAA (2-Lamp) Consolidating Harness Style B - FAA (3-Lamp)...

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