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HRLQ High Intensity Runway Light/Quartz Compliances: FAA AC 150/5345-46: L-862 Series UFC 3-535-01 USN NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2 / NATO STANAG 3316 Applications The HRLQ High Intensity Runway Light is used for elevated runway edge lighting and elevated threshold and end lighting. Features ■ ETL Certified (As listed in Table 1 only) ■ Inner Lens and Outer Globe to focus the main beam ■ Clamp Band for the outer globe ■ Available with 1.5 inch or 2 inch thread frangible coupling with 1.5 inch column ■ Uses a 6.6 amp quartz bi-pin lamp for most applications ■ Cast Aluminum Housing painted yellow ■ Available in heights from 14 inches to 30 inches Ordering Information How to Order: Construct the basic catalog number by adding the frangible coupling thread diameter. Choose the application which determines if one or both directions have the light beam toed-in toward the runway centerline. Add the colors, lamp wattage, and height. A two conductor lead with L-823 plug and the lamp are included. Threshold lights should be ordered with half the quantity right toe-in and half left toe-in. Example: 86242-T-RG-200-14 is a 14 inch high HRLQ with 2 inch diameter threaded frangible coupling and a 200 watt lamp. It is bidirectional with a straight beam red side for the runway end and a right toe-in green side for the threshold. 86241-E-CY-120-24 is a 24 inch high HRLQ with a 120 watt lamp and 1.5 inch frangible coupling. It is used as a bidirectional edge light and the clear beam is left toe-in and the yellow beam is right toe-in. Table 1 Edge Threshold/End Lights Lights Fixture Type: HRLQ Model: Frangible Coupling Size: 1 = 1.5" Thread 2 = 2" Thread Application*:- E = Runway Edge T = Threshold/Runway End Color/Color*: C = Clear G = Green X = Opaque/Blank Standard Height 14 Inches Available in 2 inch increments to 30 inches. LEFT TOE-IN COLOR RIGHT TOE-IN COLOR * Beam orientation is determined by the application and the color position in the catalog number. For the Threshold version, the green beam is always toed-in and the red beam is always straight. ** 200 Watts for FAA Threshold/End Light. Note: All glass will have inherent variations in color. Allowing for this Crouse-Hinds products are certified to meet FAA requirements.

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Installation Drawings Instruction Sheet: Shipping Weight: Shipping Volume: Accessories Description Catalog Number Shipping Weight Shipping Volume lb. kg. cu. ft. cu. m. Base L-867, class I, 24' deep Baseplate, 1.5' Hub, Painted Steel Baseplate, 2' Hub, Painted Steel Connector Kit L-823, 8 AWG Stranded, 0.32' to 0.43' O.D. Leveling Tool Stake Assembly, 1.5' Hub Stake Assembly, 2' Hub Transformer Renewal Parts Description Part Number Blank/Clear Outer Globe - Edge, R# Blank/Green Outer Globe Blank/Red Outer Globe, End, R# Clear Outer Globe-Edge Clear/Blank Outer Globe - Edge,...

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