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Surface Movement Radar • Dual redundant low cost solid-state transceiver High-Performance SMR System & Sensor Solutions • Superior system configuration and detection • Optimised for extreme environmental conditions • Optimal airside radar siting using Easat’s slimline monotube towers

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Surface Movement Radar - 2

easat RADAR SYSTEMS Easat was established in 1987 as a specialist manufacturer of bespoke, high-performance radar systems aimed at the air traffic and coastal radar markets. Since then the Company has established itself as market leader in the design and manufacture of antennas for all forms of primary and secondary radar detection including surface movement radar. Our expertise has expanded into complete sensors for the SMR market. The Easat Solid State surface movement radar is designed to provide the highest levels of detection for airport ground surveillance. It forms the major sensor...

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Surface Movement Radar - 3

Tower Cabin X-Band Solid State Dual Redundant SMR Transceiver System Data Server The system consists of two major units: Dual Transceiver Unit and Radar Distribution Unit. An optional Service Display can also be supplied. Dual Redundant Transceiver The system will operate on a single transceiver basis; the redundant transceiver is configured in a hot standby functionality mode ready to transmit should a failure occur within the on-line transceiver. Each transceiver has built-in test equipment (BITE) that detects faults at an early stage and automatically allows the transmitter to transmit...

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Surface Movement Radar - 4

System Datasheet easat RADAR SYSTEMS - Radar Solutions Surpassing Expectations Offering a choice of antennas and a Solid State X-Band Transceiver, Easat provides an extremely capable SMR package at an affordable price. Easat's long-term association with a number of respected A-SMGCS providers ensures that it can readily supply either a complete new system or integrate with existing airport systems. Easat's high-performance Linear Array Antenna provides standard features such as zero squint with frequency change, high resolution and weather penetration and 40° lookdown capability without...

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