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easatRADASSYSTEMS The EA5325 shaped reflector radar antenna is designed to provide local or terminal area coverage using a modified cosecant2 elevation pattern operate in conjunction with a radar system giving constant returns from aircraft flying at constant altitude. A dual beam receive capability is given to enhance high angle performance and minimise short-range ground returns. Polarisation switching between Linear and Circular is provided on both main and auxiliary beam and a cross polarised output is available on both beams that is used as a receive weather channel. Options SSR/MSSR Co-mounting capability; dual redundant motors; choice of encoders or Inductosyn®; choice of Rotary Joint; obstruction lights._ Specifications are subject to change as part of Easat's ongoing improvement policy. Customers are advised to confirm specifi cation prior to contract Easat Radar eystems Ltd, Unit IJubilee Site, Ivy House Road, Hanloy,Stoke-On-Trant, cTI 3NW, England Telephone: +44 (0)1782 2A8038 Fax: +44 (0) 1782 208060 E mail: info@easat.com Website:

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