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Company Confidential EA3462 EA3462 Antenna Antenna EP0711 Pedestal Company Confidential ____________________________________________________________________________ Type Specification __________________________________________________________________________ The EA3462 X band shaped reflector radar Type Specification antenna is designed for high performance sea __________________________________________________________________________ surface surveillance. It provides the highest gain currently worm drive pedestal is lightweight, low The Easat EP0711 available from this asize of antenna, whilst minimizing weight and wind noise, high specification turning unit designed to operate in severe environmental conditions with minimal maintenance loading. requirements. The Inverse Cosec elevation beam shape antennas The pedestal is designed to rotate ASDE/SMR is ideal for the EA7401M and EA5502and large or VTS (Easat's EA6501, detection of small antennas) targets at both particular, its lack of belts and reduction type antennas. In short and long range, including where the antenna is mounted on a high it ideally gears ensures low noise and vibration making tower, suited for mounting hillside. building or atop Visual Control Rooms. This gearbox is available in several sizes to meet a variety of load requirements. The antenna is supplied as standard with remotely Applications: be supplied for C band, or dual band operation. Existing applications include Variants can  ASDE/SMRRTraffic Systems applications, law enforcement, port security, border protection critical Vessel  Low Noise, Low vibration applications and search and rescue.  Civilian; Military or transportable use. Key features include: • Useful short range detection capability to • High gain & Low General & Mechanical Sidelobes 2 approx Worm drive • Type Inverse Cosec elevation pattern 2 start Low Noise22° below horizon. • Suitable for worm; phosphor bronze wheel Material High grade Cast Iron • Switchable polarisation as standard casing ; hardened, groundfrequency agile and Weights Gearbox & Motor 250 kg / Stand 100 kg (steel) frequency diverse operation • Ability to transmit very short pulses <20ns Motor pulse width) with minimalDrive typically- 5.5 kW with fan, thermistor and tropicalised windings Single distortion. Rotation rate Up to 60 rpm General Environmental Design Life & Mechanical 20 years with planned maintenance Paint finish Two Operational Wind Pack Polyurethane Shaped Reflector Type 180 km/hr Lubrication Size Dry Well System. Dip lubricated inSpeed synthetic oil bath: Automatic canister, grease Aperture system 5.5 m x 0.7 m fed main bearings. Grease filled labyrinth seals Total weight (incl. Survival Wind Speed 240 km/hr 1370kg turning gear) Design Parameters Overall Height 1.9m (from mounting flange) Humidity 100% Loadings Operational Max Survival (Non-Operational) Max Swept radius 3.1 m Operational temp. -30ºC to +60ºC Rotating Mass 100 kg 400 kg (Iced) Rotation rate Up to 22 r.p.m (nominal)kN Suitable for salt laden Shear Load 1.25 3.25 kN Protection Design Life 20 years coastal environment. Overturning Moment 1.38 kNm about customer interface 3.6 kNm about customer interface Max running torque Electrical Specification Max starting torque Beam Characteristics Inverse Cosec Elevation Pattern X-band, 9.0 – 9.5 GHz Operational40dBi km/hr to 130  1.3:1mm ice 210 km/hr with 40 Circular or Switchable Up to 100% condensing  -17dB in Az. and El. plane -30ºC - +60ºC  0.45° SL to 2500 m Within Suitable for salt laden coastal environment. 15° Within 90° Backlobes  -28dB  -40dB  -38dB 4.2° Operating Frequency Environmental Gain Operational Wind Speed VSWR Survival Wind Speed Polarisation Humidity ICR Operational temp. Azimuth 3dB Beamwidth Altitude Protection Azimuth Sidelobes Electrical Specification Elevation 3dB Beamwidth Requirement Recognised 3 phase supply sufficient to operate the motor rating (max 5.5 kw) Options at Extra Cost Options Dual encoders; choice of encoders. Fixed, dual or variable rotation rates. Reflector can be Choice of type and single or dual encoders; Variety of speed options; Aluminium stand. Specifications are subject to change as part of Easat’s ongoing improvement policy. Customers are advised to confirm specification prior to contract. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Specifications are subject to change as part of Easat's ongoing improvement policy. Customers are advised to confirm specifications prior to contract. Easat Antennas Ltd, Goodwin House, Leek Road, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 3NR, UK _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tel/Fax: +44 Ltd, Goodwin House, Leek email: info@easat.co.uk Web: www.easat.co.uk Easat Antennas (0)1782 208028/208060 Road, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 3NR, UK Easat Radar Systems EA3462 Antenna208028/208060 Houseantenna@easat.co.ukStoke-On-Trent, ST1 3NW, England Ltd, Unit 1 Jubilee ©Easat Antennas Road, Hanley, /7th June 2013 Site, Ivy e.mail: Ltd Tel/Fax +44 (0)1782 Rev 9 Web: www.easat.co.uk EP0711 Pedestal ©Easat Antennas Ltd Ref: EA8066 / Rev2 / Jul 2011 Telephone: +44 (0)1782 208028

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