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EARTH NETWORKS' Product Overview WORLDWIDE LIGHTNING DETECTION Earth Networks Total Lightning Network® (ENTLN) incorporates the most advanced lightning location technology delivering unsurpassed lightning detection efficiency and location accuracy. OVERVIEW Our Total Lightning Network is the first of its kind. With over 1,200 sensors in 40+ countries around the world, our network is the most extensive and technologically-advanced global lightning network. Our ability to monitor in-cloud lightning sets us apart from other lightning networks by enabling the most complete lightning system. Detecting in-cloud lightning enables us to generate faster, localized storm alerts and warn of other forms of severe weather like tornadoes, downbursts and hail. Earth Networks’ lightning technology and real-time data services have enabled us to rapidly expand and enhance the Australia Total Lightning Network. EN assigned a team of individuals who assisted in the design, siting and implementation of the network. The operational support and low maintenance requirements have made the ATLN an extremely cost effective solution. We are extremely pleased with the detection efficiency and location accuracy and aim to expand the service throughout the country of Australia, so that early warning benefits of this technology could benefit more government organizations, businesses and communities.” ($) COST EFFECTIVE Very low ongoing maintenance and operational costs with 24/7 network monitoring and support from anywhere. Remote system diagnostics and upgrade capabilities. Lightning detection capabilities and network architecture deliver scalability and cause for significant improvement in severe storm warning lead times for greater asset protection anywhere in the world. @ NETWORK DENSITY Cost-effective sensor technology enables dense network build-out on a large scale allowing for unsurpassed detection efficiency and location accuracy globally. MULTI-INDUSTRY SOLUTION Advanced analytics, display capabilities and the option for hosted or standalone configurations meets the needs of weather sensitive users and industries worldwide. This includes federal and national governments, energy and utilities, aviation, outdoor recreation, insurance and telematics, and education. Charles Solomon, Managing Director, WxZone

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TOTAL LIGHTNING NETWORK WE DETECT STRIKES YOU CAN’T SEE • Global Lightning Network (GLN) • Unique sensor technology • Lightning activity detection system • Total lightning detection • Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts Cloud-to-ground lightning represents only a small percentage of the total lightning discharges that occur in the atmosphere. In fact, in-cloud lightning flashes account for the vast majority of lightning activity. Our unique capabilities detect long-range in-cloud lightning at high efficiencies, which are critical for the advanced prediction of potentially deadly weather...

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