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Product Overview OUTDOOR ALERTING SYSTEMS FOR LIGHTNING ACCURATE. CONSISTENT. LIFE-SAVING. ADVANCED AUTOMATED WEATHER ALERTS Take the guess-work out of deciding when to take cover when lightning and severe storms threaten outdoor activities. Facilities with outdoor spaces are safer with automatic alerting when bad weather approaches. Our solution includes an audible alert when lightning is detected near your campus, golf club, playground, park, camp or pool and clears the area automatically. OVERVIEW The Earth Networks Outdoor Alerting System (OAS) monitors severe weather and lightning around outdoor facilities such as stadiums, sports fields, golf courses and other outdoor recreation areas. Schools, universities and organizations all over the world count on Earth Networks to protect people gathering outdoors for sports, recreation, and other outdoor events. BENEFITS We were playing a softball game this past spring and our Earth Networks system showed that some pretty bad storms were moving in. At our complex, there were also several youth games AUTOMATIC CUSTOMIZABLE ALERTS Take control of outdoor safety by defining a custom set of parameters for alerts, including hours of operation, coverage area and distance of approaching severe weather. OUTDOOR FACILITIES MONITORING Protect outside areas vulnerable to dangerous storms with outdoor horns that alert everyone when there is lightning in range. going on. When the horn and alert went off we were very happy that we got the fields cleared in time and extremely happy with the service. It is awesome! INFORMED DECISION MAKING Standardized alerts and visualization allow for better managed outdoor activities. Mark Albertini, Carbondale Community High School RISK MITIGATION Enable proactive automated decision making regarding transportation, closings, events, and outdoor activity cancelations.

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OUTDOOR ALERTING SYSTEMS FOR LIGHTNING KEY FEATURES • Total lightning detection • High-decibel alerting • Customizable configuration CONNECT WITH US For more than 20 years Earth Networks has operated the world’s largest and most comprehensive weather observation, lightning detection, and climate networks. Our observations inform and alert consumers, enterprises and governments around the world, providing them with advanced environmental intelligence for decision making and safety. ENJOY PEACE OF MIND WITH THE WORLD’S BEST LIGHTNING DETECTION TECHNOLOGY The patented design of Earth Networks...

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