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Product Overview EARLY WARNING SERVICES OBSERVE. PREPARE. PROTECT. Effective Meteorological Early Warning Systems (EWS) are critical for disaster risk reduction around the world. Powered by Earth Networks proprietary weather and lightning observation networks, the Early Warning Services provide comprehensive solutions for worldwide severe weather alerting and forecasting. OVERVIEW Earth Networks’ Early Warning System provides a cost-effective, integrated approach, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of warnings and forecast information. This approach, which combines a number of Earth Networks severe weather solutions including Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, Sferic Maps, Sferic Mobile and PulseRad, produces highly advanced weather information. BENEFITS All disasters are local, which underscores the importance of having near real-time access to accurate localized alerts. Matthew Kallmyer, Director of the INDUSTRY SPECIFIC CUSTOMIZATION Early warning services can be customized across all industries including government, energy and utilities, airport operations, insurance and telematics and outdoor recreation OPERATIONAL DECISION MAKING Produces highly advanced weather information that improves reaction and recovery times of weather and climate-induced hazards Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency (AFCEMA) SAVES LIVES AND PROTECTS ASSETS Provides visualization and alerting of impending severe weather events to developed and undeveloped countries RESOURCE MANAGEMENT EFFICIENCY Cost-efficient service that improves reaction and recovery time to reduce risk of disaster and financial loss

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EARLY WARNING SERVICES KEY FEATURES • Weather and Lightning Detection • PulseRad • ENcast • DTAs • Sferic Maps • Sferic Data • Sferic Mobile TRACKING, ALERTING AND PROTECTING MADE EASY This array of high impact weather stream intelligence is driven by real-time forecasting, mapping, alerting and path tracking engines. With customized Sferic Maps and Sferic Data solutions, critical operational data is delivered across multiple industries. PulseRAD® ENcast® DTA Weather and Lightning Detection • Hyper-local, real-time observations critical for • Advanced severe weather alerting • Global...

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