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INTELLIGENCE THROUGH NETWORKED MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING OVERVIEW The Earth Networks Calibration System (ENCS) is the result of a collaborative effort between Earth Networks and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, developed to monitor and calibrate gas analyzers to ensure precise measurement standards. LINEAR OSCILLATING "AQUARIUM" PUMP (ALMA ALGSA) FLASK PORT I MKSMO I PRESSURE \ "CONTROLLER PRESSURE SENSOR VACUUM POMP (VACUU BRAND M22NT) BENEFITS ENVIRONMENTAL COMPOSITION ESSENTIAL REPORTING Measure critical environmental factors like baseline composition, environmental patterns, and cause and effect. Provide measurement, reporting and verification needed by the scientific community. OJ RELEVANT OBSERVATIONS PUBLIC INFORMATION Help governments and other organizations to stay informed on current environmental observations. Educate the public about greenhouse gas emission levels.

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Networks Calibration System - 2

EARTH NETWORKS CALIBRATION SYSTEM KEY ADVANTAGES • Continuous measurement for carbon tracker and other global models • High quality equipment meets WMO standards Earth Networks Greenhouse Gas (GHG) network software interfaces directly with the ENCS and allows for automated remote scheduling of sampling as well as storage and backup of all gas analyzer data and system files to a cloud-based file system. The Earth Networks cloud-based processing system produces a calibrated data set based on NOAA standards which can be connected to ports 4, 5 and 6. SYSTEM COMPONENTS 8 Port Valco Selector...

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