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EXTENDED SHELF LIFE (ESL) PACKAGING EAM'S UNIVERSAL VEST - FLEXIBILITY AND COMFORT EXCEPTIONAL SAFTEY EAM's Universal Vest is designed with an open area collar to be placed over the head and onto the neck and shoulder area, so that the vest rests on the chest of the wearer over 35 lbs. The vest is secured to the wearer using a harness strap. Inflation is accomplished by either CO2 or oral inflation. Each vest is equipped with a light system assembly. The AIC-35 life preserver is also designed for use on infants and small children weighing under 35 lbs. The AIC-35 is a universal vest because of its ability to extend life saving capabilities to infants. The life vest has been outfitted with an additional buckle, snap strap and adjustable snaps to enable the vest's transition for infant use. An infant is placed into the preserver by passing the necessary strap through the infant's legs, around the back and over the left shoulder. The buckle secures the infant. The snap strap is a secondary • Single cell • Flame retardant urethane coated nylon • RF heat sealed seams an oral inflation tube • Available for passengers and crew • Whistle optional • All vests include RFID Tag

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VEST SPECIFICATIONS PART NUMBER CELL COLOR PACK TYPE MAXIMUM PACKED DIMENSIONS INCHES LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT (CM) STANDARD POLYBAG STANDARD POLYBAG INSP. MODEL AIC-35 FAA-TSO-C13f EASA-ETSO-C13f FOR WEARERS WEIGHING 20 LBS. (9.1 KG.) AND ABOVE. MFD. BY: EAM WORLDWIDE MIAMI, FLORIDA U.S.A. OPTIONS: Whistle and available in orange color for crew and in demo version. Inflatable Cell Oral Tube System RFID Tag & Data Panel Plastic Buckle Snap Fastener Configuration Light Lamp Harness Waist Strap Inflator Mechanism Light Battery Manual Pull Handle Optional Whistle Snap Fastener for Adjusting...

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