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SECURE ASSET TRACKING IN YOUR HANDS The RFID System is designed with two basic parts – a transponder tag that is attached to the inventory asset, and a reader, which is a transceiver and an antenna. Each EAM life vest is equipped with an RFID chip (tag) that stores the birth record of the product. Through the use of a fixed reader or handheld scanner with mobile software, the real-time information including inventory location, expiration dates and serial numbers is recorded without performing individual physical counts and generating manual documentation. RFID Solutions saves valuable time,...

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BEYOND BARCODE FOR INVENTORY TRACKING RFID helps clients manage their equipment assets accurately and instantaneously. By replacing manual counts and traditional barcode scanning, verifying location and maintenance needs of equipment and parts is no longer manually intensive. • NO LINE OF SIGHT REQUIREMENT LIKE BARCODES • PORTABLE DATABASE CAN READ MULTIPLE TAGS SIMULTANEOUSLY • LONG READ RANGE, ABILITY TO TRACK ANY TAGGED ITEM IN REAL-TIME • ALL TAGS ARE EQUIPPED WITH READ AND WRITE CAPABILITIES • TAGS THAT CAN STAND HARSH ENVIR

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ATA SPEC 2000 EAM RFID Solutions is included by the Air Transport Assocation (ATA) as a member of the Spec 2000 committee. EAM directly contributes to the creation of RFID Industry standards as a member of the committee. TAG THE CRAFT™ EAM RFID Solutions offers advanced, automated tracking solutions that effectively replace the inefficient, manual inspection of aircraft equipment – saving valuable time and money. Our custom-built system can scan all tagged aircraft equipment, from flashlights and oxygen generators to carts, seat belts and life vests, in just minutes. The system immediately...

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EAM RFID SOLUTIONS CAN BE USED TO TRACK ASSETS IN PASSENGER CABIN SUCH AS: 1. 2. 3. 4. CRASH AXES SEAT BELTS FIRST AID KITS SAFETY CARDS FLASHLIGHTS MEGAPHONES SERVICE CARTS BLANKETS & PILLOWS OXYGEN MASKS SMOKE DETECTORS OXYGEN BOTTLES LIFE RAFTS & SLIDES FIRE EXTINGUISHERS LAVATORY ITEMS LIFE VESTS OXYGEN GENERATORS MANAGE ASSET INVENTORY SEAMLESSLY Tag the Craft™ is a comprehensive, yet scalable solution that allows a client to specifically choose which assets to track. EAM takes care of all the RFID needs, from an in-depth consultation of tracking needs to the seamless implementation...

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RFID - WHEN IT COUNTS, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO RFID TAGS FOR ANY We offer a range of tags to meet the demands of any environment. Tags can store ENVIRONMENT important data such as birth record and inspection information. SCAN YOUR ASSETS Read hundreds of tagged items instantaneously with RFID Scanners. Tag it once and SIMULTANEOUSLY track the item throughout its entire life cycle using a handheld reader. CONNECT WITH MIDDLEWARE TagControl INVENTORY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Middleware connects your tagged assets and products that are scanned and delivers the information securely to your database or...

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TagControl™ : Maximize Your Inventory TagControl™ is a complete inventory solution with mobile, desktop and middleware software that simplifies data capture and distribution, providing visibility in your organization. TagControl™ - A COMPLETE INTERFACE CONNECT ALL OF YOUR ASSESTS USING ONE SIMPLE SOFTWARE SOLUTION TagControl™, a user friendly application, has been developed by EAM RFID Solutions to give clients the ability to easily interact with their products for manufacturing, shipping and inventory location. The system is designed to reduce the complexity that often comes when dealing...

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EAM RFID Solutions is a division of EAM Worldwide, the leader in high-quality safety equipment including custom life vests, rafts and survival kits. Celebrating 60 successful years in business, EAM Worldwide continually delivers exceptional client service and innovative products and technology. Along with its worldwide network of repair stations and distributors, EAM Worldwide is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has a global sales office in Dubai, UAE. ADVANCED INNOVATION TO OPTIMIZE THE POSSIBILITIES WWW.EAMRFID.COM INFO@EAMRFID.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION ON EAM RFID SOLUTIONS USA...

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