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Software* Company LEADING THE WAY IN COMPOSITES WITH ADVANCED MATERIAL MODELING TECHNOLOGY e-Xstream engineering, The material modeling company The global, long-term, material & simulation eXperts team e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Software Company is a software and engineering services company focused on state-of the-art multi-scale modeling of complex multi-phase composite materials and structures (PMC, RMC, MMC, etc.). e-Xstream provides its customers with a complete and optimal modeling solution that suits their specific needs and integrates their existing design processes; from the compounding of the raw material (e.g. engineering plastics, rubber, CFRP, hard metals, nanocomposites, sandwich panels, etc.) to the processing (e.g. injection molding, additive manufacturing) and application in the final product. More than 13 years of proven success in material modeling...Tools, solutions and eXpertise e-Xstream develops Digimat, the unique nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modeling platform that addresses composite material suppliers' and end users' needs to design and manufacture innovative high-performances products while minimizing their weight, cost and time-to-market. Our enabling technology provides design tools that give the user confidence in their composites products thanks to an accurate description of the local composite behavior. Digimat tools integrate smoothly within the current FEA process, bridging the gap between manufacturing process and structural analysis. Digimat has been widely acclaimed by key Material Suppliers, Tierls and OEMs, who can bring daily innovation in their composite products thanks to an optimized design. It not only organizes the market but acts as a link between the players of the whole value chain. • Multi-Materials: chopped fibers (short/long), continuous fibers, fillers • Multi-Performances: stiffness, strength, fatigue, progressive failure, ... • Multi-Physics: (thermo)-mechanical, thermal, electrical, creep, ... • Multi-Manufacturing: injection, draping, compression, additive manufacturing, ... • Multi-industries: automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, medical devices, industrial goods, ... • Multi-technology: linear/nonlinear, mean field/

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Digimat The nonlinear multi-scale material & structure modeling platform Digimat material modeling platform means developing innovative, optimized and cost-effective products. As a unique nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modeling platform, Digimat offers: Digimat MF: Mean-Field homogenization software used to predict the nonlinear behavior of multi-phase materials. Digimat-FE: Finite Element based homogenization software used to model the nonlinear behavior of Representative Volume Elements (RVE) of material microstructures. Digimat-MX: Material eXchange platform used to...

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