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EXPRESSYON WHAT FOR? SATISFACTION SURVEY FOR PROFESSIONALS How can you improve your visitors’ experiences? How can you make them stay longer? How can you avoid any one leaving before purchasing? Expressyon answers all these questions with a simple touch. It’s the perfect solution to gauge the satisfaction of your clients, launch survey on the market or during your events. Elegant interface Easy managing Results profiling Works on tablets, or online by emailing. Real time results

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1 ANTICIPATE Expressyon lets you acquire information before a problem appears, or before taking any decision. For example: • know if something is wrong before decision or new organization • Detect involvement lacks from your staff • Discover the client’s dissatisfaction that will make him leave. By questioning your visitors or clients, you give them the privilege to express their feelings. You thus establish a trustful relation, the customer feels concerned, listened, hence he becomes loyal. By working on his wishes, you improve your frequentation, and you will have : With Expressyon, you...

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INTUITIVE INTERFACE DESIGNED TO BE CHILDISH In few touches and seconds, your visitors answer to series of questions. The results collection is available without internet connection. The question pictograms are customizable for your comfort. Simple or complex questions Work with or without internet connection

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ADMINISTRATION CREATE YOUR SURVEYS You can create and manage as many surveys and questions as you want. You can thus use them separately depending on the moments and the public. MULTI SUPPORTS CUSTOMIZE YOUR SURVEYS Your questionnaires have to attract eyes ? You can create your own pictograms and illustrate your questions in a unique way. Dymension can also create your pictograms on demand. Offer you survey on tablets, web or by mail MANAGE AND PLAN YOUR SURVEY All the surveys can be managed from the online interface. You can activate a survey, or even select from the tablet a survey to...

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SKIP LOGIC QUESTIONS WHAT IS SKIP LOGIC FOR ? Skip Logic allows you to divert your survey towards new questions according to the last given answers. Thus it becomes easy to investigate deeper about your unsatisfied visitors, or those belonging to such profile, or to shorten the survey according to given answers. - Investigate the reasons why a visitor is unhappy - Create different surveys according to the searched product - Divert your visitors according to their profile AVAILABLE FEATURE, ACCORDING TO A GIVEN ANSWER - End the survey - Ask one or more additional question (create a new...

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GROUPS MANAGEMENT A GROUP MANAGEMENT TO HANDLE YOUR KIOSKS IN MANY LEVELS The group management allows you to organize your feedback tablets or kiosks according to use, and by hierarchy. Thus you may compare results from a kiosk to another, from a group to another, and to manage separately the surveys from a kiosk to another. At last, you may assign many administrators, each one having acces only to his own group’s kiosks. - Comparing entities - Leaving the management of somes kiosk to another one - handle different surveys according to places

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QUESTIONS TYPE Visitors have choice between 4 smileys (so visitor have to engage), or they can use NPS measurement. You need more details from the visitor. Let them write it : City, name, email, suggestions… Man or woman, professional or private… Let your visitor choose between 2 identifying questions. Get age, year, zip code… Everything that can help you to identify your visitor. The question is simple, so the answer is. Do you agree or not ? MULTIPLE-CHOICE ITEMS Propose multiple choices, with text or pictograms. The answers can be unique or multiple. Visitors can select images. LIVE...

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DISPLAY OF COLLECTED INFORMATION Satisfaction type questions generate an average that is a global satisfaction. Moreover, Expressyon allows to collect very powerful data on visitors satisfaction and refine it by profile.

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1 COLLECT THE RESULTS The data collect can be done without any internet connection. • If the tablet is offline, it stores the results. They will be sent as soon as a connection is restored. If the pad is online, it sends instantly the results to the server. In that case the results are available in real time. 2 RESULTS TREATMENT Data are processed and analyzed in real time on our server. You can visualize them on the web interface, or receive automatic report by mail. You can create other user accounts on the interface, in order to let them consult only the results.

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HARDWARE WE PROPOSE FOLD Kiosk Locksy table Locksy wall Cable management FOLD kiosk Iron secured case- Customisable stand power supplied or battery tablet (7h) WIFI and 3G Locksy Case 10’’ tablet cable powered ou on battery (7h) WIFI and 3G Iron secured case optional : Fully comprehensive insurance, insure your rented hardware against breakage or robery, from 150€/year and per kiosk, including a progressive franchise (see contract

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CONTACT US XAVIER DE BRABOIS Sales director Adress : 213 rue de Gerland 69007 Lyon France RECEPTION Sales Team

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