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Robotic Bird of Prey - 2

The Drone Bird Company is a forward-thinking Dutch technology company anti-poaching groups, police, special forces, secret services, and military servi- leading the world in the development of bird-shaped drones. We are located in the ces from all over the world because of the unique flying platform. It is also ideal Twente region - ranked the number four most innovative country in the world. because of its modular payload, and because it can be modelled after any species The Drone Bird Company built the first professional flapping-wing robotic bird most common to the client’s region, anywhere...

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Robotic Bird of Prey - 3

FIXED-WING WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE: Max flight time 20 minutes Max flight speed 75Km/h Max windspeed constant 20kts; gusting 28kts MEASUREMENTS: Weight 850 grams; 900 grams with camera Wingspan 112cm Length 52 cm ELECTRONICS: LiPo battery Telemetry SAFETY: Return-to-Launch, home or any chosen point Auto-start automatic stable and controlled take-off Loiter mode at any phase of flight Ability to activate gliding mode at any flight phase other than take-off phase CAMERA: (optional) Carbon composite tail; 3D-printed,reinforced TPU body with carbon; laser-cut hand painted wings – EPP type...

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Robotic Bird of Prey - 4

Institutenweg 25a 7521 PH Enschede The Netherlands +31 (0) 85 77 31 446 The Drone Bird Company is a registered trade name of Clear Flight Solutions B.V.

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