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The Drone Bird Company is a forward-thinking Dutch technology company anti-poaching groups, police, special forces, secret services, and military servi- leading the world in the development of bird-shaped drones. We are located in the ces from all over the world because of the unique flying platform. It is also ideal Twente region - ranked the number four most innovative country in the world. because of its modular payload, and because it can be modelled after any species The Drone Bird Company built the first professional flapping-wing robotic bird most common to the client’s region, anywhere...

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Advantages of Aves Series vs traditional drones The Larus (gull) and Aquila (eagle) models are especially ideal drones for covert because of the unique flying platform. It is also ideal because of its modular pay- surveillance, reconnaissance, and other types of monitoring. This is because they load, and because it can be modelled after any species most common to the client’s are virtually undetectable and indistinguishable from the real thing, for both region, anywhere in the world. AVES provides accurate intelligence in a safe way. humans and animals. • It will not be recognized as a drone...

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The Sience of Aves Larus Aquila, Species in Central/East Africa and Middle east suited for reconnaissance: The Larus model was selected for the Dutch and Western European market. The Most common and suited species would be the Tawny Eagle and the Steppe Eagle. most important criterium for AVES models is natural occurrence: the model Based on natural occurrence and flight characteristics Of these, the Steppe Eagle chosen must be an indigenous species. Secondary criteria are size, wingspan, and looks especially favourable: it has a compatible wingspan and size/weight to the flight...

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SURVEILLANCE & RECONNAISSANCE Max flight time 90 minutes Max windspeed constant 25kts; 28kts gusting Lion battery pack 6 cells Flight controller with GPS and Barometer IR and visible spectrum cameras Operational ceiling 10,000ft AMSL Data downlink transmitter Minimum covert height 50m Classical ISR – tactical observation, mapping and charting Real-time telemetry link Infrastructure control – critical infrastructure monitoring Automatic launch and assisted landing Search and rescue – thermal and visible light search; Target location Various autonomous modes Surveying and remote sensing –...

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CAMERA SPECIFICATIONS • Machined Magnesium Housing - robust and environmentally sealed • Onboard GPS/INS - accurate gimbal and target location • MISB Compliant Video - h.264 video and KLV metadata • Onboard Video Processing - electronic HD25-LV: The HD25-LV is an EO/IR configuration with a 3.5x optical zoom visible camera and a fixed focal length uncooled LWIR camera. image stabilization and scene tracking • Video and Control Over Ethernet - single 10/100 connection • Direct Drive Motors - best in class stability • Non-ITAR - simple export options Weight: 340g Cameras: 720p Rolling Shutter...

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Real-time telemetry link Silvus Stream Caster radios equip your teams with reliable bi-directional UAV Transmission: encrypted communication for highspeed data and high-resolution video transfers in Silvus Technologies introduces groundbreaking communications solutions for unpredictable environments. high bandwidth video, C2, health and telemetry data. With priceless experience gained through defense-funded R&D contracts, Silvus has developed a versatile Traditional Tier 1 and 2 systems use datalink that delivers unprecedented throughput, range and robustness to UGV separate line-of-sight...

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Institutenweg 25a 7521 PH Enschede The Netherlands +31 (0) 85 77 31 446 info@thedronebird.com www.thedronebird.com The Drone Bird Company is a registered trade name of Clear Flight Solutions B.V.

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